What Car 2015?

What Car 2015? Choosing a vehicle for its miles per gallon or features is getting harder. Do you need petrol, diesel, automatic, manual, saloon, estate or SUV? What manufacturer? Why? Where and what time is the best month to make a purchase? Here are some videos to help you discover what will 2015 be like in the world of automobiles, vehicles, car trends, styles and gadgets. Enjoy.

BarterCard Your Business

BarterCard Your Business with power of barter trade or bartering your skills, business or services. Have you ever heard of BarterCard? If no, then watch this video and read all the links provided. Bartering has been around for centuries. Bartercard is the worlds largest barter system.

BarterCard UK,  Bartercard International, Members Portal *DISCLOSURE This is an UNPAID AD for BarterCard and Infogurushop is a registered member of BarterCard so feel free to BarterCard trade with IGS.

Video + Marketing in a Multiscreen World

Video + Marketing in a multiscreen world. Here is a great article and video to demonstrate the importance of multiscreen marketing, planning, advertising, promotion and analytical measurement in a modern digital world. Businesses and organizations of all  sizes cannot ignore multiscreen strategies or devices in 2014-2020. Fiat and Microsoft are using multiscreen strategies. AT&T wants video to any screen. If you need to talk multiscreen, digital Web or video strategy contact IGS today.

Google trying to control Online Ads & Advertising

Google trying to control online ads & advertising. For years, Google has been trying to establish itself as more than a global PPC adwords lottery.  Google wants the EU or @EU_Commission like the U.S. government to accept Google as a legitimate online advertising ‘gatekeeper’ as well as a credible big-data government[s] broker and supplier.

Who is Google to judge, classify, penalize or ban any website or try to govern online advertising? The EU has just fined Google for anti-competitive behaviour and many other countries are suing Google.  Google is also a VERY aggressive competitor who enjoys copying online ideas and will even work to destroy whole industries and small businesses like SEO practitioners so Google can reign supreme with its PPC revenue with SEO search and keywords attacked into oblivion by Google Inc.

Google acts more like a PHOTOCOPIER than a disruptor using its cash rich and political power to copy, ban, destroy and penalize websites and hard-working businesses. Google acts as if it has never even now used link farms, bots or software [even  today] to mass produce content, traffic or emails. Google should ask itself, how do you get so many FAKE profiles on YouTube, Google +, Facebook and most FREENIUM websites or platforms? So if Google wants to ban or penalize bad websites it should start with its own business, house or home.

Car Review Specialist

Car Review Specialist, Tim Barnes-Clay can help any auto-dealer or auto enthusiast get the right auto review, photo, image or content online or offline. Tim is a qualified journalist, UK Blog Awards achiever, writes for Confused.Com and proud member of the Midland Group of Motoring Writers. You can read about him here and watch this video to see his work.

Catch Tim Barnes-Clay @Carwriteups on Twitter or his Website.

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