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About IGS

Infogurushop is founded by Paul Branson a proven SEO, Social Media and Digital Marketing Specialist who has come TOP 50 GEW 2013, Top 100 Twitaholic global list and also IBM Global Entrepreneur Program 2016 recipient. Mr Branson is a Top 1% Social Media Influencer worldwide. View his influence profile on, a social intelligence platform that specializes in influencer marketing.

Infogurushop is the place for digital advertising brands, businesses, talent exposure, SEO and Social Media specialist services. We specialize in digital, social advertising and marketing across all devices. Infogurushop has a strong social media following across online social and digital channels of over 100K+ monthly. Infogurushop is the go-to for the latest digital, social, web, e-commerce, mobile trends and strategies. We are ONE-STOP for all your needs! Want infoguru online, social, digital or mobile strategy? How about B2B classified ad listings? You can buy or sell without clutter local, national or global? Post your business or private classified ad for 30 days with full description, photos + web link the professional way. Get on-board REGISTER here today!

What is an Infoguru?

An Infoguru is a quality business, brand, service or talented individual with knowledge, skills or expertise willing to trade, sell, entertain or empower.

We are all talented Infoguru people. Hire or Book Infogurushop to consult, speak to or train your employees on Web, Social, Digital Media strategy, news and trends. Learn how to ‘Win online and offline across all channels and devices‘ follow @infogurushop and @tweets_jobs to see why and how daily. Why not register, list or join us as an Infoguru advertise and showcase your brand, expertise and talent worldwide for less. We are all about ‘Giving Back’ and the showcasing talented people worldwide, we PLEDGE 1% of Infogurushop.

Digital advertising brand’s, businesses, talented people [ONE-STOP] across ALL devices.

Need a reliable SEO, Social Media or Digital strategist? Want to increase your brand, product or service exposure, local, national or global? If yes, join the Infoguru network we can help you regardless of your budget. Upload, write, edit or manage your own page, network and link with other Infoguru professional’s & more. Great for brand’s, Startup’s and entrepreneur’s worldwide.

Digital ads or digital programmatic advertising, online, offline or mobile need not be expensive. We showcase, web, mobile and digital advertise your brand, business, talent or expertise to local, national and or global audiences. This is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week across all devices for less than a cup of coffee. Time to reduce your digital ad budgets. You can also shop, read news, browse the BEST online and offline Infoguru businesses, brands, specialists, local, national or global on your smartphone [Simply bookmark no download required] , works great across ALL devices.

Nearly 50% of U.S. Small Businesses do business without a Website – Digital Strategy Consulting

Infogurushop aims to create a local, national and global specialists #Infoguru community. Its a win-win! Imagine we can network, hire, showcase, advertise and trade with each other. All low-cost with loyalty, trust, professionalism of the best business, brands and talent on the planet. Consider us your full-service Digital Advertising Agency + Business Video Directory + Local, National and Global SEO, Social Media Management specialists. Infogurushop has many talents, expertise and benefits. IGS makes it easier to browse and shop around THE WORLD saving you precious search time. One-page is faster local, national, global and cheaper than a website of pages. You can even get the latest news or tweeeet your Jobs for FREE with IGS. How much would it cost you to hire individuals or an Agency to do all this?

Why Advertise or Showcase with Infogurushop?

We all need people to people, brands and talent exposure! Also, Digital advertising, display or programmatic online or mobile does NOT need to be expensive! We combine your social media links, video, email , photo-gallery with full-description of your brand, business or service. An Infogurushop digital display advertising page SAVES you building an APP for yourself [1K saving!] across ALL devices local, national or global. Infogurushop is social, mobile, dynamic, human controlled, digital advertising with NO clutter. Read this article from Forbes then compare our offering. IGS saves YOU digital display advertising and search engine time as everything we advertise is on ONE-FULL-PAGE. At IGS we also specialize in high-quality digital, social, web, mobile, classified ads and offline MULTIMEDIA advertising, so professional brands, businesses and talented infoguru people are always at your fingertips. Infogurushop also SAVES YOU building multisites to go multinational across all devices. You can now BARTER AD your business or services in our classified ads section. Why not become an Infoguru Meetup Manager earn additional income from-home, your venue or office in your local area with NO monthly or group fees? Time for Web, social, search and mobile to work for you or your business NOT online giants. Everything Infogurushop does local, national or global works for you and YOUR brand, offline, social, mobile or web links 24/7.

Global Market Trends:

Global online ad spending will overtake newspaper expenditures next year (USD $101.5 billion vs. $93.2 billion), and will exceed the combined total of newspapers and magazines in 2015 ($132.4 billion vs. $131.7 billion), predicts ZenithOptimedia in a new forecast. Mobile advertising promises to drive revenue generation opportunities for App developers, advertising networks, mobile platform providers and wireless carriers alike. Currently in its early years, the market accounts for nearly $21 Billion in annual revenue. Magna Global estimates overall programmatic ad spend will reach $33 billion by 2017.

What motivates and inspires Infogurushop?

Talented infoguru people, brands, entrepreneurs and businesses of the world need to digital showcase their business, talent and expertise LIVE daily. Also, online giants take more data and cash than they promote, advertise or ROI. On March 24th, 2015 Marketing Land.Com stated why brands fail:

The first step: stop waiting for sales to come to you. Columnist David Rekuc believes that for online retail success, your website should act as a salesperson, not a waiter.

As an Infoguru to all Infoguru’s worldwide we strongly believe in:

Find the good it’s all around you. Find it, showcase it and you’ll start believing in it. – Jesse Owens

How does Infogurushop [IGS] work?

Whether you have a website, blog, APP or not, Infogurushop [IGS] digital advertising strategies works with what you have or desire as your web, mobile, digital marketing or display advertising tools or plan. Infogurushop [IGS] can help plan, develop or support your digital, social, mobile, multimedia or multichannel display advertising campaigns. IGS, understands the latest online, mobile, social, digital, multichannel, multimedia trends, strategies and solutions. We know most business owners do not have the time to run a traditional business offline plus administer the daily chores of the online world like SEO, PPC, Email Campaigns, Linking, Content Writing, Blogging, Social Media and PPC Analytics. At Infogurushop we are committed to creating low-cost ONE-STOP multichannel, multimedia, local, national and global advertising across all devices.

To join or get started with IGS simply REGISTER your infoguru brand, business or talent today. Once registered we EXCHANGE links, social media connect and become INFOGURU partners local, national or global. You can EARN extra income of 15% commission for every business you refer that results in a sale. For a business listing you can earn 73.00 GBP per annual 365 sale. This is local, national or global EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY from a one-stop Digital Advertising Agency across all devices . The only alternative is higher advertising budgets, go it alone, no teamwork, collaboration or professional network.

If you need digital ads, social media management or a website, IGS can plan, design, support and service your needs worldwide. This saves YOU time and money. Our digital ads, SEO, social networks + YOURS the more exposure and power your display advertising campaign and network potentially receives. Infogurushop has IBM CLOUD power to combine video advertising, social, mobile, multichannel, multimedia, e-commerce features and services at the touch of a button.

Watch this video to discover what Infogurushop can do for your brand, talent or business:

IGS Press Articles & News:

Seeking AlphaRobin GoodIceni Magazine, PRLog, Examiner.ComBirmingham Startups List,

GEW Express & Star, Top 100 SEO Experts List,BillionsRising/Org,Top 100 Branding Experts List

Registered Office

e-Innovation Centre

Shifnal Rd, Priorslee, Telford, Shropshire,

TF2 9FT.


Mr Branson, Founder/CEO mentored by @simonlporter [View Mr Branson’s Psychomatic Report]

As an innovative company with some great ideas, I want to help Infogurushop succeed through my experience in IT and global business.”  – Simon Porter

Infogurushop Registered UK, England and Scotland 09381593


Steve Bicknell Bicknell Business Advisers Testimonial:

“Paul created a video for me to help improve my Google search rankings as a Business Adviser and posted it to YouTube and Daily Motion. Its made a big difference.”


CBS Affiliate, Senior Executive TV Producer Leesa Dillon Infoguru Member & IGS Mentor says:

“Paul Branson is a highly-informed social, digital media strategist particularly when it comes to multi-media, multichannel business strategy. His forward-thinking and development of your business and brand via Infogurushop, is what will propel you and millions of Infoguru’s around the world to grow your business and brand(s) through multiple platforms on a mega-global level.”

Register today or call our Sales PA Direct: +44 07940[108]769 – Care to talk on-the-go FREE worldwide lets Voxer


Shropshire Chamber of Commerce, Global Entrepreneurship Network, IBM Global Entrepreneurship Program 2015/16, University of Warwick IGNITE Business Support, Unilever Foundry, 1% PLEDGE,

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Achievement’s, Awards & Press: startup_open  Top 50 GEW Award for ‘High-Growth’ innovation potential worldwide. – Stafford IT Guru Recognised in Top Entrepreneur List Top 100 on Twitaholic for Global Top 100 SEO Experts list on Twitter by Evan ICENI Magazine F6S.Com – IBM Global Entrepreneur Program 2015/16



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