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Are you an Infoguru?

Are you an Infoguru? Do you have great skills, talent, knowledge or expertise you are willing to ‘video’ record and share or market to the world? At Infogurushop.Com we are inviting creative, professional and talented infoguru’s of the world to join us. 

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How does it work?

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At IGS we like to keep it KISS: [Keep, It Simple, Sweet] it is FREE to join and very low-cost to get you video advertised:

1. When people stand TOGETHER they make more unity, win-win and impact online and offline. So why not become an Infoguru today?

2. Once accepted be willing to create a WIN-WIN relationship where you get to showcase your skills & talent on Infogurushop.com also trade, buy and support each other

3. State you are willing to network, collaborate, share your knowledge and skills on video or with YOUR branded content

4. You also agree to produce at least one video [Don’t worry….we will show you how]

What are the benefits of becoming an Infoguru?

1. Join a professional, global, business, networking and talented community of people and businesses

2. Showcase your skills and tap into our planned network across 192 countries and multi-screen channels of the world

3. SELL, MARKET, EARN & get access to low-cost video advertising, mobile marketing tools and techniques to boost your exposure

4.  Enjoy the benefits of PROVEN online strategies that collaboration, networking and team-work leads to online success

5. Regardless of whether you have a website, video or not when you board this #infoguru train it becomes blast off

6. Have fun, host an infoguru office or venue party and video record it and grow your network of leadership and support

7. EARN multiple income streams as we build this network we get to EXCLUSIVELY trade, sell and promote the best

8. The bigger and stronger we grow worldwide the more discounts, bargaining and purchasing power we collectively achieve

9. Together we can become an online and offline force of training, educating and entertaining the world through video & content

10. Most of all YOU KEEP all revenue, sales, subscribers even Paypal revenue on your own auto-response and Paypal link. We just make it happen direct to YOUR website, phone or blog for £1/$1 per day or less 365 days of the year. An unbeatable creator, online video marketing and advertising service. 

*NB  – Our online registration forms are deliberately long as this gives IGS the information we need to start any SEO, video or advertising project. It also saves you delay and time as you will not need to send or await numerous emails. 
If this describes YOU then why take a few minutes to REGISTER now. If this is not for you please share it with someone you know or someone looking to video showcase, publish, promote, produce, advertise, Startup, network or work from home. Got questions why not LIVE Chat. At IGS, we will even help you for FREE while you still EARN all of the above, just agree to help us, as we help you get ranked, advertised and marketed as a barter-exchange or win-win. Sign-up and let’s talk. 

Have a great day.


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