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About Infogurushop [IGS]


Buy, Sell, Advertise, Lead Generate, & Stream: local, national or global.

Now you can advertise local, national & global for 1 GBP per day, no need for an expensive or complex app [1-10K saving] and no need for even a website.

Test drive our smart, full-digital, multimedia pages with video & streaming services. We make classiffied, business, digital advertising fun and easy worldwide.

Infogurushop [IGS] was founded by Paul Branson a proven Web, SEO, Social Media and Digital Marketing Specialist who has achieved:

  • Top 50 Global Entrepreneurship Week 2013 across 100 countries.

  • IBM Global Entrepreneur Program 2016

  • 1st Geo-location, Multimedia, Classified Directory with Video Ads.

  • Ranking under 1 MILLION worldwide on Alexa

  • Mobile user engagement and penetration 49% across all devices. With 6 minutes average user time spent on website.

  • This can only get better with YOU and time.

  • Infogurushop [IGS] has a strong social media following across web, social and digital channels of over 100K+ monthly.

  • @Infogurushop is the go-to for the latest SEO, Social Media, digital, web, business trends & strategies

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Purpose & Mission Statement:

Infogurushop [IGS] purpose & mission statement via its global award-winning Digital Ad Connector eco-system, is to combine and make classified, business, digital advertising affordable to all people, entrepreneurs and businesses worldwide.

We will use a combination of technological tools and strategies for all. All pages will be POWER-PACKED with information, entertainment and education. We also aim to use technologies to create opportunites and work from home jobs worldwide.

Global Problem:

Do you, your brand, business or talent need local, national, global, exposure across all cities, countries or devices? Is advertising online & offline complicated and expensive? Are you lacking in web, digital, social media or streaming skills? Do you need lead generation?

Our Solution:

What if advertising could be low-cost, affordable for all, a SMART-PAGE solution, combined with web, digital, social, mobile and streaming video?

Even with NO online experience we can help you win-win.

Post your geo-location-based, ad listing, local, national or global by town, state, city or country across web and mobile. No need for an app or even a website of your own.

What are your needs?

Have you got an idea, brand, services, products, goods or talent in need of proven web, digital, social, mobile, strategies and solutions?

Got excess stock at your business or home in need of web, digital or mobile advertising? We can help you in all areas of classified, web, digital, mobile advertising & streaming combined.

Do you need Geo-location, Multimedia, Classified Directory, streaming with video advertising?

Need to advertise or showcase across web, mobile and all devices? If yes, no need for App, expensive advertising, design, or marketing software with our Digital Ad Connector.

What do you Get?

  • Full B2C & B2B online & mobile classified, business, digital advertising local, national or global listings

  • More FREE advertising categories than ANY search engine or social media platform

  • Combined multi-media and multi-channel solutions

  • Location based listings & advertising services

  • Free advertising QR codes on all VIP Platinum 'featured' business listings

  • Digital SMART-PAGE advertising across web, mobile and all devices [i.e. mobile, tablet, PC etc]

  • Combined photos, video, web, streaming and mobile with QR code technologies

  • Win-win e-commerce or dropship paid VIP partnership solutions

  • Over 192 country links & listing categories

  • IGS is not just about business and brands, we showcase talented people across all devices

  • Get VIP, classified ads, SEO, PPC, Social Media and e-commerce, digital solutions.

We advertise and promote your business, brand, talent or website with:

  • Your video

  • Your photos

  • Your contact details

  • Your social media links

  • Your location map

  • Your website URL

  • Your brand, product, service or business description

  • More exposure across ALL devices smartphone, tablet, laptop & more

  • PIWIK, Adwords, analytics embed for paid [365 annual] Platinum VIP Business ads *ONLY

  • We market, advertise and link back to you across all devices local, national or global.

How Much Do We Charge?

Your 1st Ad FREE 14 days! Classified ads 5 GBP for 15 days, 1 Video, up to 5 Photos, Full Description, Social Media Links, Website Url & Location Map. VIP Platinum Business ads 365 days, up to 7 ads per month, only 1 GBP per day with 'featured' brand, business marketing & advertising, local, national & global across mobile and all devices.

Where can You get one-stop advertising, lead generation plus streaming online or offline for less?

  • Get additional analytics, SEO, PPC, Social Media and e-commerce, digital campaign solutions. [Make contact]

Business, Brand, Talent or Website Classified, Digital, Streaming, One-Stop, Advertising Service.

Interested in a Test Drive?:

Ssssh, Don't Tell Your Competitors How to Save Money: Online, & Stream Across Mobile and all devices.

 If yes, get your 1st AD FREE for 14 days! [Packages]

Try it now on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC.




Why Register with Infogurushop?

  • We save you ad design, budget, time, money, online and offline. No need to build an App with IGS.

  • Multilingual, multichannel, geo-location based service.

  • We advertise and showcase to VERIFIED HUMAN e-lists and sources not bots or robots. 70% web or direct links with 30% mobile user penetration.

  • We advertise brands, talented people, music, art, hotels, restaurants, auto dealers & more.

  • We partner, ad manage, collaborate, JV, co-work, and advertise across 2,000 + 3rd party advertising pages/channels plus PPC daily win-win.

  • We aim to slash the price of Advertising online, offline and across all devices.

  • We offer a bespoke service of video production, split-tests, social media submissions & monthly ad conversion reports.

  • 1st Ad 100% FREE 14 days, then upgrade and scale conversion sales by driving 'PPC' traffic to your digital advertising smart-page

  •  1st FREE AD [once verified] we tweet to our @infogurushop followers

  • For 365 paid Platinum VIP Business Advertising clients, we tweet all new listings to our YouTube, FB & Linkedin channels. We also use #hashtags to localize and promote ad.

  • 1st AD 100% FREE ADVERTISING great multimedia marketing and promotion strategy for ANY entrepreneur, business or brand, also ad agencies worldwide.


ONE-STOP Digital Ad Connector, web, social, mobile, video, advertising solution.

Get listed REGISTER today!

What is a Guru or Infoguru?

A Guru (Sanskrit: गुरु. IAST: guru) is a Sanskrit term that connotes someone who is a "teacher, guide, expert, or master" An Infoguru is a business, brand, service or talented individual with knowledge, skills or expertise willing to trade, sell, entertain or empower.

Need a Job or Work? Why not become an Independent Infoguru Talent Scout in your city/area?

We aim to create jobs local, national & global. Get paid, as an Independent Infoguru Talent Scout earn 50 GBP per sale, as additional income from-home or office in your local area or country.

Digital advertising brand's, businesses, talented people ONE-STOP across ALL devices.

 Industry Stats & News:

Nearly 50% of U.S. Small Businesses do business without a Website - Digital Strategy Consulting

According to ComScore, the average Internet user receives 1,707 banner ads monthly. And according to DoubleClick, only .1% of all banner ads are clicked.

According to eMarketer, “worldwide digital ad spend is predicted to reach over $375 billion by 2021.”

Digital advertising is worth a whopping 240 BILLION USD worldwide and estimated to grow 40% between 2019-2025. [Source]

Most SME's, entrepreneurs and talented people FIND online advertising, SEO and digital advertising confusing & expensive.

Read this article from Forbes then compare our offering.


It is now all about combination strategies to win-win online and offline.

Want proof online and offline advertising is expensive?

SME's feel sales & marketing are also a problem worldwide.

It's not just a complex offline world, it's a complex online world.

The UK, EU, USA and other countries are now suffering from a lack of Digital Skills.

On March 24th, 2015 Marketing Land.Com stated why brands fail:

Stop waiting for sales to come to you. Columnist David Rekuc believes that for online retail success, your website should act as a salesperson, not a waiter.

Mobile penetration 42% engagement in August 2019. Help us get this to 80%. This is powerful for advertising local, national & global.

At Infogurushop.Com we strongly believe in:

Find the good it's all around you. Find it, showcase it and you'll start believing in it. - Jesse Owens

Infogurushop [IGS] Press Articles & News:

Seeking AlphaIceni Magazine, PRLog, Birmingham Startups List, EUREKA,

Registered Office

e-Innovation Centre

Shifnal Rd, Priorslee, Telford, Shropshire,

TF2 9FT.

Email: info[at]infogurushop[dot]com or contact @infogurushop Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook or call [07940[108]769]


Mr Branson, Founder/CEO was mentored by @simonlporter [View Mr Branson's Psychomatic Report]

International Business BA Hon's, Proven SEO, Top 50 GEW 2013, Top 1% Social Media Influencer, Web and Digital Strategist.

His passion is to showcase, advertise brands, businesses and talented people local, national and global. Creating win-win, sales, promotion and jobs for all. Advertising does not need to be complicated, expensive or unaffordable to the masses.

Infogurushop LTD Registered UK, England and Scotland 09381593 also Mr Branson BLOG.


Tim Luft, CEO of Woote Ltd is Senior Advisor/Consultant to Infogurushop Ltd

Tim Luft has direct experience in the establishment of high-growth technology businesses. Tim provides direct support and guidance to entrepreneurs looking to set up operations in the UK, through his mentoring work with the Department for International Trade (UK Government). Tim is also a Director of two technology companies which focus on 3D Simulation, Virtual and Augmented Reality applications.


Former CBS Senior Executive TV Producer Leesa Dillon Infoguru Member & IGS Mentor.


"Paul Branson is a highly-informed social, digital media strategist particularly when it comes to multimedia, multichannel business strategy. His forward-thinking and development of your business and brand via Infogurushop, is what will propel you and millions of Infoguru's around the world to grow your business and brand(s) through multiple platforms on a mega-global level."


Steve Bicknell Bicknell Business Advisers Testimonial:

"Paul created a video for me to help improve my Google search rankings as a Business Adviser and posted it to YouTube and Daily Motion. Its made a big difference."

Simon Porter [Formerly] IBM Vice President Mid-Market Sales Europe

"As an innovative company with some great ideas, I want to help Infogurushop succeed through my experience in IT and global business."  - Simon Porter Former IBM Europe Senior Management Executive, now International Corporate Executive & Online Influencer.


Shropshire Chamber of Commerce, Global Entrepreneurship Network, IBM Global Entrepreneurship Program 2015/16, University of Warwick IGNITE Business Support, Unilever Foundry, 1% PLEDGE, GOV.UK Digital Marketplace,

Link/Network/Stay in Contact:

TwitterLinkedinPinterestXingGoogle +, YouTubeDailyMotion, Instagram, PeoplePerHour, Mohammed bin Rashid Smart Majlis, Facebook,

Slideshare, AskFMGuardian, MixCloud, SoundCloud, Twitter Directory, Tweets_Jobs, ANGELLIST, F6S.Com, Gust.Com, Mr Branson BLOG, Open University,



Achievement's, Awards & Press: startup_open

Top 50 GEW 2013 Award for 'High-Growth' innovation potential worldwide. - Stafford IT Guru Recognised in Top Entrepreneur List  - Top 100 on Twitaholic for Global - Top 100 SEO Experts list on Twitter by Evan - ICENI Magazine - F6S.Com - IBM Global Entrepreneur Program 'High-Growth' Award 2016.


Mr Branson BLOG.

Association & Technologies:


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