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About Infogurushop [IGS]


Powerful, web, digital, mobile, marketplace. Now you can advertise local, national & global for 1 GBP per day.

No need for an expensive or complex app [1-10K saving] and no need for even a website.

Test drive our full-digital, multimedia page's with video, photo's, QR Code & streaming service's. We make marketplace, classified, business, digital advertising fun and easy worldwide.

Infogurushop [IGS] was founded by Paul Branson a proven Web, SEO, Social Media and Digital Marketing Specialist who has achieved:

  • Top 50 Global Entrepreneurship Week 2013 across 100 countrie's.

  • IBM Global Entrepreneur Program 2016

  • A Geo-location, Marketplace, Multimedia, Classified Directory with Video Ads.

  • Ranking under 500K worldwide on Alexa

  • Mobile user engagement and penetration 49% across all device's. With 6 minutes average user time spent on website.

  • This can only get better with YOU and time.

  • Infogurushop [IGS] has a strong social media following across web, social and digital channels of over 100K+ monthly.

  • @Infogurushop is the go-to for the latest SEO, Social Media, digital, web, business trend's & strategie's.

Purpose & Mission Statement:

Infogurushop [IGS] purpose & mission statement via it's global award-winning Digital Ad Connector, marketplace, eco-system, is to combine and make classified, business, digital advertising affordable to all people, entrepreneur's and business's worldwide.

We will use a combination of technological tools and strategie's for all. All pages will be POWER-PACKED with information, entertainment and education. We also aim to use technologie's to create opportunity's and work from home job's worldwide.

Global Problem:

Do you, your brand, business or talent need local, national, global, exposure across all cities, countrie's or device's? Is advertising online & offline complicated and expensive? Are you lacking in web, digital, social media or streaming skills? Do you need lead generation?

Our Solution:

What if advertising could be low-cost, affordable for all, a SMART-PAGE solution, combined with web, digital, social, mobile and streaming video?

Even with NO online experience we can help you win-win.

Post your geo-location-based, ad listing, local, national or global by town, state, city or country across web and mobile. No need for an app or even a website of your own.

What are your needs?

Have you got an idea, brand, services, products, goods or talent in need of proven web, digital, social, mobile, strategies and solutions?

Got excess stock at your business or home in need of web, digital or mobile advertising? We can help you in all areas of classified, web, digital, mobile advertising & streaming combined.

Do you need Geo-location, Multimedia, Classified Directory, streaming with video advertising?

Need to advertise or showcase across web, mobile and all devices? If yes, no need for App, expensive advertising, design, or marketing software with our Digital Ad Connector.

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