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About Infogurushop [IGS]

What do you Get?

  • Full B2C & B2B online & mobile classified, business, digital advertising local, national or global listings

  • More FREE advertising categories than ANY search engine or social media platform

  • Combined marketplace, multimedia, multichannel, digital, advertising solutions

  • Location based listings & advertising services

  • Free advertising QR codes on all VIP Platinum ‘featured’ business listings

  • Digital SMART-PAGE advertising across web, mobile and all devices [i.e. mobile, tablet, PC etc]

  • Combined photos, video, web, streaming and mobile with QR code technologies

  • Win-win e-commerce or dropship paid VIP partnership solutions

  • Over 192 country links & listing categories

  • IGS is not just about business and brands, we showcase talented people across all devices

  • Get VIP, classified ads, SEO, PPC, Social Media and e-commerce, digital solutions.

We advertise and promote your business, brand, talent or website with:

  • Your video

  • Your photos

  • Your contact details

  • Your social media links

  • Your location map

  • Your website URL

  • Your brand, product, service or business description

  • More exposure across ALL devices smartphone, tablet, laptop & more

  • PIWIK, Adwords, analytics embed for paid [365 annual] Platinum VIP Business ads *ONLY

  • We market, advertise and link back to you across all devices local, national or global.

How Much Do We Charge?

Your 1st Ad FREE for 7 days! Classified ads to suit your 1, 3, 6 or 12 month web, digital, mobile, advertising budget. I.e 5 GBP for 15 days, you get 1 Video, up to 5 Photos, Full Description, Social Media Links, Website Url & Location Map. Or 1, 3, 6 or 12 month advertising packages like our VIP Platinum Business ads for 365 days, with up to 2 ads per month, for only 1 GBP per day with ‘featured‘ listing local, national & global all devices.

Where can You get one-stop advertising, lead generation plus streaming online or offline for less?

  • Get additional analytics, SEO, PPC, Social Media and e-commerce, digital campaign solutions. [Make contact]

Your Business, Brand, Talent, Website, with Classified, Digital, One-Stop, Advertising for less.

Interested in a Test Drive?:

Ssssh, Don’t Tell Your Competitors How to Save Money: Online, & Stream Across Mobile and all devices.

Try it now on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC.

 Get your 1st AD FREE for 7 days

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