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Price : Price On Call
Date : August 19, 2020
Location : Shifnal Rd, Telford

Food Delivery – is the present and future local, national & global at the right service and price. Food Delivery has been around for over a decade like newspaper delivery rounds over 50 years.

Yet leading grocery stores worldwide like Carrefour, Publix, Walmart, WholeFoods, Kroger, Asda, LIDL, FarmFoods, Sainsbury, CO-OP, Morrisons and more, have only recently started food delivery.

Now most things of world, are firmly in the online world and Amazon is seeking to deliver food and groceries for less than the 30 USD or GBP per order threshold. It’s about to get VERY competitive throughout all industries and service sectors as Covid-19 has now forced the world into lockdown and digital, mobile usage and expertise.

Online food ordering platform Zomato on Wednesday said that India’s food delivery industry is nearing pre-covid levels with the sector now registering 75-80% of pre-covid GMV or gross merchandise value. [Source]

This Food Delivery page showcases not just what YOUR business with: Full description, 1-5 photos, video, social media links, contact details, location map and website url, could look like, but keep’s you informed of food industry trends and information worldwide.


Checkout 1000+ supermarkets & stores worldwide below. Do your local or online shopping from a smartphone with Internet/Delivery.


Here are some key Online Shopping Industry Trends & Solutions:

1. More Consumers Are Turning to Food Delivery Apps amid Indoor Dining Restrictions

2. Food delivery riders categorised under e-hailing – Human Resources Ministry

3. Morrisons customers can now get their entire weekly food shop delivered for FREE via Amazon’s website

4. Watch out for local, national and global delivery services with powerful technology and management capabilities.

5. Checkout BiteSquad expansion across the USA. They are also recruiting for drivers.

6. ASDA is expanding its click and collect across England.

7. Carrefour expands Uber Eats service to more French cities, Belgium

8. Watch out for plant-based food trends worldwide.

9. Watch out for Personal Shopping services worldwide. Imagine 10 USD x 10 people per day for shopping & delivery that is 100 USD per day which equals 500 USD per week in any Country, City, Town or State worldwide.

10. Who wants to earn extra income or be a SELF-EMPLOYED personal shopper, simply buy or collect grocery shopping, goods, items, etc & safely deliver to customer for 10-30 USD/GBP/EURO, total gig price, per trip?

Register if interested, worldwide. If we get enough personal shoppers, drivers or clients worldwide, win-win, we can impact this space.

Once you register as client or personal shopper [Must Own a Vehicle] download VOXER, then add Pablo-IGS, then lets talk LIVE worldwide. All payments and  transactions will be done via Paypal, so you will need a Paypal account.

*NOTE – Must be 100% reliable, honest and professional. Zero tolerance for liars or frauds, we test and know.

Here are  some Industry Problems:

  1. Delivery FEES can kill in many ways.

  2. How to start a Personal Shopper Business. Self-employed is best, with own car, flexible, professional and reliable daily.


Post your PERSONAL SHOPPER job posts or people seeking or available as a reliable, personal shopper in your local area or city. Also get online shopping, grocery stores and supermarkets worldwide:

Yadiris is available as a personal facial cleansing and make-up artist in Colombia.

TopShop personal shopping service.

Become a self-employed Infoguru personal talent scout in your city or area worldwide.

Harrods, Knightsbridge, London, personal shopper jobs, hiring.


Checkout 1000+ supermarkets & stores worldwide.


Are you a Restaurant or Takeaway in any city or country? Want food, takeaway or a restaurant?

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