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Aging Population & Digital Skills

Aging Population & Digital Skills

Aging population & digital skills how to prepare and use digital technologies from 50 + lets talk…

The world is aging and the Baby Boomer generation born between 1946 and 1964, are heading towards retirement yet they are highly skilled, educated and not ready to sit and do nothing.

In this article I want to share how best to plan, research, prepare and use web, social and digital technologies to help you become whatever you desire and keep your entrepreneurial or Baby Boomer mind active and always dreaming regardless of age.

  • The 1st thing is do not FEAR technology of the web, social media or mobile. Sure it sounds complicated and it is…but there are ways to keep things simple, affordable and get YOU shining like a diamond across all devices.
  • The truth is as long as you can search or browse the web, watch YouTube videos and take slow, simple, business, technology and or safety instructions you are ready within.
  • As a Baby Boomer or aging population its time to DO YOU and present you to the world across web and mobile.
  • How you start is KISS – Keep It Simple and Sweet
  • Grab a sheet of plain A4 paper from the printer or a 1 dollar book to write in. On one-side everything you are thinking about that needs a fix, solution or plan: short, medium or long-term.
  • On the other side, write down what YOU think YOU need to do or woud like to do short, medium and long-term. This could be i.e. start a blog, create a website, learn social media, create a YouTube channel etc
  • Write dow how much money YOU need to earn per month i.e. 10,000 GBP
  • Write down how YOU will use your passion and natural talent to win
  • YOU have the talent or at worst need to find your natural talent and showcase, market or promote it to the world.
  • Web, mobile and technologies are the best, cheapest and fastest way
  • What if I told YOU this could cost YOU just 1 GBP per day? Interested?
  • Read this website link to get started –
  • Don’t Worry if you have never touched a PC, Laptop or ever created a blog or website before
  • Aging population and Baby boomers in need of Digital Skills it is crucial one takes full advantage of this opportunity, training and information
  • Do YOU want to come to the age or time your sitting lonely, isolated, cannot earn a wage, living, go online and share or communicate?
  • The USA, Scotland, Europe, Ireland and the rest of the world will all face an aging population, Digital Skills shortage, training and learning curve. Read Dr Susan Engstrand: Scotland’s digital skills .
  • Worldwide countries list of aging populations CLICK.

Have a great day,


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