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Digital Across all Devices is Key

Digital Across all Devices is Key

Digital across all devices is now key to any local, national, global sales and marketing strategy for any product, brand, business or service worldwide.

Even for developing countries with extreme poverty worldwide estimated around 766.6 Million people living across continents of Africa, South Asia, Eastern Europe, India etc. The fact most people live on less than 2 USD per day means they hastily need employment to afford basic equipment costs to access the WWW or Internet like PC, laptop, smartphone and broadband.

With all you need is a smartphone anywhere in the world to REGISTER and make payment of 1 GBP per day for 365 days charged as 365 GBP and we will get you hooked-up and ready with your own multimedia, multichannel advertising page across all devices. This is a unique Digital-full-page-ad across web, social, digital and mobile saving you building a website, mobile app or even requiring hosting and much more.

This is the simplest, effective and most affordable, global award-winning way to advertise local, national or global across all devices. Imagine all anyone needs is a smartphone or laptop with Internet access and they can sing, dance, coach, advertise and showcase local, national or global for less than a cup of coffee daily across all devices.

Is Your Business Web, Digital, Mobile and Social?

If your business is not Web, Digital, Mobile and Social then your being left behind. You may not know it or want to admit it regardless of how long you have had a website, no website, blog or been trading is irrelevant. The digital, mobile local, national or global train waits for no-one and no company. It did not wait for Macy’s or Woolworth’s you either get on-board or you don’t, and it sure will not wait for retailers, manufacturers or wholesalers regardless of location if they sit and choose to ignore they need combined website, blog, social, mobile, digital, online sales, advertising strategy to compete online and offline.

Amazon is now a global web, digital, mobile and social, e-commerce juggernaut that has just bought Whole Foods and is about to take on the auto sector worldwide. I truly believe Amazon is just beginning its dominant, disruptive strategy and with AI, IOT, digital and mobile, Amazon and most online giants can do immense damage quickly to any industry, sector or brand.

Do not think I am too small to be affected by Amazon or any online giant. Look what Uber has done to London Black Cabs and taxis worldwide even though the Uber grass may not be as green in consumer privacy or safety. Uber proves digital, mobile and social is how and what consumers want and need. They want ease of purchase or service across all devices at the touch of a button. They want and expect discounts and rewards and low-cost delivery without any excuses and or failure to serve their wants, needs and desires will result in cancellation, refund and no repeat business or referral.

Even if you offer a service with no e-commerce consumers of today increasingly want to use their mobile or tablet dual more than sit at a PC to browse, tweet, order or communicate. Consumers worldwide are becoming more mobile, on-the-go, multitasking and the fastest and best brand, business or service wins the sale.

So you think you know SEO, PPC, Social and Digital?

Most PPC, Search and advertising agencies live and breathe all things Google, like Google is the Pope and Catholic Priest of all things web, social, mobile and digital. Well, perhaps that use to be the case but arguably Google still has the best search, video advertising and traffic source worldwide. However, take a look at the e-marketer chart below 2017 and notice Adwords, PPC Pay Per Click is at the bottom for current digital marketing channels and disciplines. As I recently said to 3 decison-makers of one UK Company do not ignore the table or chart below. Copy and paste it to your office, bedroom or kitchen wall. You will need this as a reminder for your combined web, digital, social and mobile strategy in 2017-2020, as you come to terms with the shock of how much you will have to spend online to cover most or all channels and disciplines of digital, social, mobile and web advertising.

Most brands, businesses and people need a one-stop approach to web, digital, social, mobile marketing and advertising. Most have been programmed over a decade to think Google is the only traffic source, marketing or advertising platform when this is incorrect. The above chart clearly proves it. About 5 years ago definitely PPC, Display Advertising and Affiliate Marketing would have been at the top of the chart not anymore. Times have changed is the message and digital + mobile + web + video + social + e-Commerce + AI + IOT are the alternative combined keys to the now and future.

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