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Digital Ad Connector Classified

Digital Ad Connector classified ads is the perfect, horizontal, vertical, digital, web and mobile way COMBINED, to advertise low-cost, local, national or global.

Classifieds are no longer text only and boring! This is NOT your average classified or online advertising offer.

We are local, national and global across all devices with a 42% mobile penetration & user engagement.

We also combine many technologies to help you lead generate and convert customers into sales.

UNLIMITED means unlimited potential, exposure, offer and design capabilities across all devices, local, national and global.

With our Platinum VIP package you get 1-7 classified or digital ads with full description, photos, video, full description, map location, contact details and QR Code per month.

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Digital classified and directory advertising is HUGE not just in the U.S. but Europe, England and most countries of the world.

The Online Classified Problem:

The Online Classified Problem for many years has been:

  • Junk ads – FREE attracts junk, spammers and unprofessional ads with low-quality text & photos features.

  • Classifieds – are notorious for scam and fraudulent practices. This is mainly due to unmanned & FREE.

  • It is difficult – to advertise or truly multimedia a brand, product or business with a traditional classified ad.

  • Short life span of traditional online text based classified ad and higher chances of people overlooking these advertisements.

  • Advertising in general consumers find boring unless it is interactive with video, music and fun.

The Local, National & Global Solution:

The Local, national & global solution Digital Ad Connector uniquely combines digital, web, mobile, social and classified advertising.

Advertising ONE-STOP on one-page, ANY brand, product, service, talent, SME, local, national or global.

This is an award winning Top 50 Global Entrepreneurship Week 2013 across 100 countries,, IBM Global Entrepreneur Program a concept that has taken years to combine and develop.

At Infogurushop we seek to make advertising interactive, fun and engaging across all devices and channels. We offer YOU, your business, ad agency or brand, special ‘MEMBERSHIP‘ ad and skills training solutions that combine and make classified, digital, mobile advertising not just affordable, but professional local, national & global.

Get your 1st AD 100% FREE Register today.


Take a quick look at Newspaper advertising costs in the U.S.

  • GumTree charges from 10-34 USD per listing.

  • Facebook average ad cost PER click is around $1.

  • Craigslist ad costs range from 10-75 USD or more per ad listing.

The Low-cost Affordable Solution:

What if you could get advertising or classified ads across ANY device, local, national or global with our Digital Ad Connector:

  • Get your 1st AD 100% FREE for 14 days. [Must register or sign-up as a member]

  • Classified Ad is then 5 GBP per ad for 15 days. 1 City, 1 Country, 1 video, up to 5 photos, FULL description, social media links, website URL, location map.

  • Get a VIP Platinum Business AD package for 1 Year with 7 ads per month, 2 Categories, 1 Country, 1 City, 2 Tags, Full description, combined web, mobile, video, social links, website URL & QR code for 365 GBP.

  • *This is EVERYTHING advertised about you for 1 year across all devices.

  • Custom BULK classified ads with FULL FEATURES are available upon request across targeted countries & categories.

We uniquely and professionally offer the above packages to make COMBINED classified, digital, mobile, online advertising % streaming affordable for all people, industries and consumers local, national & global.

Serving you interactive, social and digital ad placement of 10, 30 or 365 days, so your ad gets MULTICHANNEL + MULTIMEDIA, mobile, digital, streaming, advertising spots for your investment and offer.

A wholesaler or manufacturer can advertise not just his or her business or SME, but list and advertise their entire goods or products into our extensive categories list.

This potentially at 5 GBP per ad, reduces their ad budget and allows them multichannel + multimedia interactive advertising local, national & global.

We also cover every country of the world and are constantly developing, to make Infogurushop the best vertical, horizontal, interactive, advertising and classified marketplace worldwide.

Sure its a tall order, but we have already achieved most if not all of the above. Test drive it on your smartphone or any device.

Our Platinum VIP 365 BUSINESS package we call the FULL MONTY you get all ads with:

  • Full description

  • 1-7 Ads per month classified or business

  • 5 Photos slider per ad with ZOOM

  • Video

  • Location Map

  • Social Media links

  • Your live Website link

  • Full address

  • Contact Form

  • User Ad Dashboard

  • 1 QR code per ad

  • FREE Infomation Resources

  • PRO Digital Skills Consultant

  • Want TRAFFIC? We are traffic masters for any situation or campaign.

  • & many more features across TWO targeted categories, cities or countries mix.

Affiliates & Partners:

Affiliates and partners who register to represent or sell our services get 15% commission on 1 YEAR Platinum VIP ad package that’s potentially 54.00 GBP in commission per 365 sale. Only resulting in a sale for 30-days with no charge-back via Clickbank or JVZOO. Please note NO COMMISSION is offered or paid on any FREE or 5 GBP package.

So what are you waiting for? REGISTER here today!

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