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Digital Ad Connector

Digital Ad Connector, is applying for EU H2020 project funding to connect Europe across web, social, digital, mobile and all devices. This will be cross-border, bilingual, consortium, team led throughout 2017.

So far we have 3 global project participants across 3 countries with MSc, PhD, BA Hon’s expertise across key industries online and offline. We can ONE-STOP connect brands, businesses and talented people across all countries and devices.

This page is created so team any startup, business, institution or corporation interested in sponsoring, participating or joining this EU project can follow, get updates as we research, scale and evolve.

You can also REGISTER your business, startup, talent or brand and become part of our HUMAN NETWORK, we make YOU shine like a diamond all welcome. This is a Top 50 GEW 2013 and IBM Global Entrepreneur Program 2016 evolving local, national, global, web, mobile and digital intiative.

Governments and humans from all industries, skills and expertise collectively must act now or face extinction. IGS desires to build a human ad network, a software Cloud version of our current Top 50 GEW 2013 and IBM Global Entrepreneur Program 2016 prototype. Our project is ONE-STOP more than advertising or a social eco-system across all devices, it provides a viable pathway to an agile, enabled web, digital, mobile, social advertising gateway with the latest strategies, feaures and tools for any brand, business or talent. This is with or WITHOUT a website or app.

Frequent this website or page for project updates, links, videos, EU articles and more. Why not qr code, bookmark, share on social media or mobile.

Thank You

Paul Branson aka Infogurushop @infogurushop Twitter & Linkedin

Further Reading:

Horizon 2020 projects light the way for smart cities across Europe, The Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI), Digital globalization: The new era of global flows, Digitisation, jobs and the road to Rome,

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