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Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising

Digital advertising as a keyword how popular is it? You may be surprised, but why? Watch video…

In a modern digital, social, mobile, web, world, one would naturally think of 7 BILLION people on planet Earth, most would be thinking or searching the keywords digital advertising, digital marketing, digital affiliate, digital social, digital website, digital promotion and a mixture of such digital combination words worldwide right? Wrong.

As you can see from the above leyword search platforms UberSuggest & Google Trends, digital advertising is below 100 on Google Trends and only 1,000 global monthly searches on UberSuggest. This is alarming!

Simply because 7 Billion people on planet Earth, and we all need and use digital websites, blogs, smartphones, TV, radio, e-commerce and more daily. Ok, someone may argue, we search in different ways and combinations, longtail. Ok, but regardless of the combination it would only add value, worth or relevance to the short-tail keyword as the hub which is Digital Advertising, Digital Marketing or even Digital Business. One of these three would surely benefit and reflect the volume, trends or growth of monthly keyword searches worldwide. This is why despite low volume monthly searches, the CPC is a whopping 3.92 GBP or 4.97 USD per click. This is how billions are made off low-volume keywords. It’s like saying this plastic bag can cost you $1, but this one is nearly $5 dollars you want it or not?

Digital advertising is big money! Examine the above Digital Advertising areas and see how they are all plus-signs, positive growth indicators. U.S. Digital Ad revenue has just surpassed 100 BILLION USD for the first time in 2019. This is huge! So how many startups, businesses, SME’s, retailers, manufacturers, website or blog owners, emtrepreneurs, managers, CEO’s, CIO’s want a slice of 100 BILLION USD’s? Can they do this without having to invest or search in digital advertising, digital media, digital promotion or digital marketing? No.

So what is the Problem here?

The global problem around Digital + Advertising keyword search terms, is most people don’t understand it and cannot be bothered to understand it, or may not have the time, skill or resourecs to understand it.

Most still live and work in the OFFLINE world and have not sat down, and got ready to focus all things on the digital, web, mobile, social or online world. This is understandale, I have just spent 10 years on the treadmills of the online world, and believe me it is no easy nut to crack into profit. The online world is hugely diverse, complex, expensive and has many vertical, horizontal,, technological, social, media, mobile, security, learning curves, all at the same time, day, week or month. The Internet, Web is forever changing.

But the Internet, Web is what is shaking high-streets of the world into ghost towns. The Google, Facebook and Amazon effect is having serious impact on retailers, manufacturers and wholesalers worldwide. But, still who wants to build a 1 or 4 BILLION USD Advertising empire online? Watch this video.


Paul Branson.

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