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Digital Advertising

Digital advertising is modern advertising that replaces much of the traditional roles and approach to advertising.

Over a decade we now live in TWO worlds online and offline, which means for advertising, marketing and promotion as strategies and tools B2B and SME’s have increasingly more tools, strategies, multimedia and multichannels to choose from. Online the advertising world looks like:

The above illustrates 2012, we are fast approaching 2020 so imagine what the above looks like today. We now have to make huge choices as entrepreneurs, SME’s, institutions and startups to not just learn, but plan, navigate, split-test, market and advertise through or across the above landscape on a daily basis. This is no walk in the park! Thus, one needs to essentially plan:

  • What is your online strategy?
  • What is your online positioning?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • What is your differentiation?
  • What is your value?
  • What is your USP?
  • What are your user benefits?
  • What keywords best describe your brand, business, service or product offer?
  • What channels of web, social, video, mobile, marketing and advertising will you use and why?
  • What place or places?
  • What price?
  • What budget[s]?
  • What conversion rate?
  • What discount?
  • What team?
  • What ROI?

The above is just a few important areas to consider online and offline, and in most cases one cannot ignore online or offline marketing and advertising. In a modern digital, web, mobile, social, multichannel world, your biggest consumer and user could live in China or Africa. Mobile technology has the potential to now reach a remote farmer or village in need of your product, service or offer. Mobile is being used widely across African continents and in India college students check their mobile 150 times per day. As for luxury goods the UK e-commerce world is being ruled by Amazon, Alibaba and e-Bay, and UK goods are being desired and sought across the EU, USA and China.

In a nut shell, the world is becoming bigger in digital, advertising and mobile advertising expenditure combined, yet smaller through innovative technologies. This is making advertising, marketing and communication easier and faster than ever before. Digital advertising is what best describes strategy, speed, combining and embracing web, mobile, video, VR across all channels and devices.

In the now and future, digital marketing and advertising will become a specialist area, especially with the introduction EU GDPR compliance not even Facebook or Google can ignore. Even traditional ad agencies with many years advertising and marketing experience, are calling for reform and will have to learn a NEW-WAY’S or learning curves across all channels and platforms, online and offline. Even after a decade online, there is so much to learn and the online world of technologies are always changing like our mobile phones.

Advertising in general online and offline is awakening, in the last decade consumers are becoming tech savvy they know what is truth, lie or false. Anyone who knows the Internet or WWW know there is more photo-shopping, hype and fake offers online than trash in the world. This is also good news, as it provides opportunity to offer what one can do better and for less than your competititors. You really have to be 100% in-charge of what you offer, do or say to result in value or ROI online.

I see the overall price of advertising and marketing falling online, gone are the days of monopolies playing click for bot or cash especially with GDPR compliance and Facebook data usage bidding to third-parties around the world. Whatever happens the population of the world is growing and people need jobs, employment, opportunities and technologies are being developed to disrupt even banking like blockchain. Also their remains a digital skills shortage worldwide where humans must awaken, arise and take their own talent, skill or passion and brand, advertise, market or promote it online and offline or face unemployment and demise.

At Infogurushop we are all about humans, networking, promoting, advertising and marketing a HUMAN network of professional skilled, talented and gifted people worldwide, we like to call Infoguru people.



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