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Digital Marketing demands Digital Skills

Digital Marketing demands Digital Skills

Digital Marketing demands Digital Skills in ways most companies and people may lack knowledge, understanding and training. Find out why…

Digital marketing cannot be professionally planned, designed, evaluated or administered unless one has the right digital, social, design, marketing, advertising or business skills training and experience. There is no one fix course or degree to all things web, mobile, social and digital. Common sense? Yet, when one carefully examines how many people of the world search for the word Digital Marketing vs the word Digital Skills, you maybe amazed at the findings:

As you can see from the above, Ubersuggest indicates 40,500 monthly searches for the word Digital Marketing. This is a sizeable and popular search term keyword, yet when you examine this against the word Digital Skills we see this is very low at 480 per month. Why?

Could it be most people interested or involved in Digital Marketing or Digital Advetising think they do not need any Digital Skills training? Perhaps. Or most people think Digital Marketing or Digital Advertising is too complicated and or expensive, and they can get by with a tweet, post, selfie or video? Perhaps.

There is definitely more reasons or potential answers as Digital Advertiisng or Digital Marketing is in reality a very diverse, global, social, digital, mobile, multichannel, multimedia and technological landscape involving a long list of possible technologies, sofwares, channels and platforms. One cannot approach YouTube the way you do Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Digital Advertiisng, Digital Marketing and Digital Skills is no walk in the park local, national or global, it demands specialist knowledge, training and implementation. When you look at the word Social Media we see:

Social Media as a keyword, search or term is popular local, national and global. But how many people, entrepreneurs, startups or companies know your Twitter or Instagram account cold take you 1-3 years or more to build a worthwhile ‘real people‘ following? How many people, entrepreneurs, startups or companies know Social Media is like going to the gym, do you go once or twice per day, week or month? Or are you casual or not really interested in Social Media or digital skills training?

Digital Marketing, Advertising & Social Media Requires Strategy

Digital Marketing, Advertising & Social Media like most things in business or education requires strategy. One has to plan, design, post and brand daily to win online. Who wants to follow anyone who appears unprofessional, inconsistent or boring?

The beauty of Social Media and or Digital Marketing is anyone can tweet or become a business, artist, news reporter or brand with the right branding, logo, smile, content, video, photos, personality and vocabulary. Take a look at YouTube and watch the many YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Netflix channels people love watching, commenting, liking or subscribing too, across many categories worldwide. Yet when we examine monthly searches for the word Social Media Skills we see:

We begin to see some correlation or disturbing patterns of low monthly Social Media Skills searches, as we did with the term Digital Skills, but why? As a Social and Digital Media Consultant, this does not make sense. This could be why: Over Half of UK Employees do NOT have essential Digital Skills in 2019 [Source]. This points to a worrying and underlying problem, it is becoming clear for some reason(s) people of all ages do not think they need or require social media or digital skills training. They obviously think I can tweet, talk and or post on Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin or Facebook and this is all I need to do. WRONG.

Why would you spend hours per day for months or years posting selfies, tweets and or videos with NO PLAN or funnel of anyway to brand, influence or generate income? This is why most online social, affiliates or giants track, sell you and your data fooling or enticing you with FREE. Do you even own your own selfies or posts as content on Facebook or Instagram? No, read the small print. Most entrepreneurs, companies or startups have cute or ordinary websites, but like traditional business cards unless you promote, market and inform people of what you do and why they should use or choose you, one will be ignored or experience little or no following, traffic or sales.

The strange thing about Social Media and Digital Marketing is from the above chart, when it comes to privacy…people of all ages are concerned how Facebook, Instagram and other social media channels acquire, use and share their personal information and data. Most just do not read or know how or what Social Media and Digital Marketing is all about. This is why people of all ages need Digital Skills Training or Consultancy, like most things you would never ‘sign-up‘ to anything unless you understand the long-term health risks or copyright ownership of what you post, tweet, share or publish online across most or all channels. Or would you?

Privacy is being eroded and most social media channels work and sell YOU and your data. It is time to DO YOU not for anyone else but you, and your household income and business brand. We can show you how, what, when and where online and offline.

Enjoy, subscribe & share,


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