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Freelance Writing or Writer?

Freelance writing or writer can be a lucrative and great way to work from home and earn some money. Lets talk...

There are tons of websites offering freelance writing jobs online but like most things online, one has to do your research to ensure you are working only for the best and most legit companies or websites. Or using the right online stategy and techniques to find online freelance writing work or ads.

Found this very interesting and transparent video to help you get some insight into what it takes to be a successful freelance writer online:

Here are two 2019 articles listing the best freelance writing websites and companies online link 1, 2. There are over 1.7 BILLION websites online today with 7 BILLION people on planet Earth.

So obviously this drives gloal demand for blogs and websites needing content and articles and people desiring legit work from home opportunities or extra income online.

WARNING: The Internet is littered with SCAMS and get-rich-quick schemes so be wise and careful. Even so-called professional affiliate marketers are trying to sell newbies useless SYSTEMS or SOFTWARE that look good on the pitch or presentation filled with promses they can make you this or that per month etc.

But once you purchase this product or software it is either useless, not updated or maintained or not wholistic or beneficial to earning you medium to high monthly income.


Regardless of the earning potential or product promises online, few will earn medium to high income without hard work and lots of experience. I don’t care what the offer, pay or opportunity looks like without in-depth experience, knowledge and hard-work most people will not earn much money.

This is why you see most online work from home schemes or promises are fruitless or hyped to get the quick sale, email address then your ignored with little help, support or feedback.

This is why to be successful try to watch videos of people or professionals who have walked your industry, opportunity or desire succesfully with proof of resume and knowledge. YouTube, Linkedin and or their About Us website or blog page is always a good start.

Hope you enjoy the above links and videos,

Have a great day,


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