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Gold Price for Today

Gold Price for Today

Gold Price for Today, gold is becoming the only defence against potential collapse of the U.S. Dollar and ultimate hedge against inflation. Watch video.

Watch and research Gold price of today with updated links, videos and content. Gold as a commodity, investment of stocks and shares, will likely play a major role in the coming months or years, as the world of countries and people face economic uncertainties of high inflation costs, workforce automation, war world III and potential collapse of the U.S. Dollar or even the Euro or British Pound.

Take a look at not just the U.S. Debt calculator, but how Brexit has deeply affected the Eurozone of countries, trade, investment and politics. Also look at how the Muller Report and Trump presidency is at war internally within the U.S. Also, the U.S. China Trade War appears to also have gone too far, which is mind-boggling how Trump thinks he can manufacture or produce products and goods cheaper Than China in the U.S? And if Trump is thinking of partnering with another Country to produce goods and services cheaper or less than China what Country could that be?

Then consider the possibility of World War III Iran and the U.S. are close to a fight or trade war. North Korea is no longer interested in high-level talks with the U.S. The BRICS is moving towards its own Bank and crypto gold currency, and all this places the U.S. Dollar at serious risk of devaluation.

Read this article of how and why Russia and Putin is stockpiling gold. For daily Gold price Live go here. Also watch this video below which we will update accordingly.

Gold Price of Today is and will become very important of the now and future, especially if Gold becomes a mainstream crypto-currency that could potentially affect Bitcoin like a deflated balloon. The U.S. Britain, Eurozone, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Israel and all Africa countries under BRICS leadership are all volatile. It’s like the best jockeys and horses awaiting the biggest economic, financial and social race of their lives, but like most races only one too three can win or rule the majority.


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