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Buy, Sell, Advertise, Lead Generate, & Stream, Local, National or Global.

Nothing beats combined web, social, mobile, digital advertising & word-of-mouth.

Industry Stats:

Think about it for most sites more than 90% of visitors leave without converting or buying. [Source]

It’s Humans vs Robots. Online 91% of Digital Marketing Ads Don’t Get Viewed for More Than a Second – [Source: Blur Group.Com]

This is largely because 70% of online advertising is NOT viewed by humans but rogue bots. So why is online advertising so expensive?

We aim to solve that with low-cost geo-location, combining humans, web, digital, classified advertising, streaming, mobile PENETRATION & video advertising across all devices.




We all need lead-generation, advertising & word-of-mouth.

Do you know the average cost of online advertising and billboard advertising?

Note: *These billboard costs are taken from Signkick’s online booking portal and are for a 2-week period, including production and placement costs. Prices do not include VAT. [Source]



NOTE* Popularity of the growing online classified market is poised to hit $463 Billion USD by 2023.

Which retailer, manufacturer, wholesaler, B2B, B2C, entrepreneur or business does not need:

  • Awareness

  • Promotion

  • Lead generation

  • Digital Landing Page

  • Video Advertising or Streaming services

  • B2B & B2C marketing, promotion & advertising *[See Packages]*

  • Classified ads – we custom categories and do NOT allow anything less than quality ads. See: Music

  • Marketing & promotion online and offline

  • Web advertising

  • Mobile advertising

  • Digital advertising

  • Geolocation

  • Multimedia

  • Multichannel

  • SEO services

  • PPC services

  • Social media exposure.

  • A Local, National, Global Solution:

  • Get up to 1-7 VIP ads per month [30 days] plus FREE QR code with our VIP Platinum Business advertising package. You also get 1 video, 5 photos, FULL description, location map, web url, and social media links.

  • Or for 5 GBP get 1 Digital Classified Ad with full description, up to 5 photos, 1 video, location map, website url and social media link for 15 days.

  • Remember EVERY item, good or service you manufacture, buy, hold or stock is potentially an advert or advertisement.

  • Get your brand, SME or business listed under YOUR Country or targeted location. i.e. China, England, USA.

Need more? Do you think advertising is complicated and or expensive?

If yes, your brand or business can now advertise 1st AD 100% FREE across web, mobile and all devices i.e. tablet, smartphone, PC. All with, full description, 1-5 photos, location map for 14 days. Need a low-cost promo video no problem.

Is this VALUE to you, your brand or business?

A One-stop Digital Ad Connector  Solution:

  • To advertise as ‘REAL PERSON’ no spam allowed we need you to FULLY REGISTER your brand, business, or professional talent in full detail. So your ad is uniformed with Infogurushop ads.

  • 1st Ad 100% FREE advertising 1-5 photos, full description, location map, contact details, no video or social media links unless IGS approved for 14 days. [SEE PACKAGES]

  • VIP platinum annual 365 Membership = annual 365 Advertising for less! So you shine like a diamond local, national & global across all devices.

  • First Register fully all details, then load your FREE ad from your own created ad profile, password and DASHBOARD in 48 HRS. Or  select optional ad upgrade package or service then make payment.

  • Post your Classsified AD across web, mobile, digital for ONE-PAGE multimedia, multichannel exposure.

  • To avoid SPAM all form, comments and advertising submissions are subject to Infogurushop ‘human’ approval.

  • Try to load your advertising DASHBOARD with up to 5 photos, video, full description, location map [Use correct country, city, category, address, Longitude & Lattitude info] if you get stuck one you FULLY REGISTER contact or call us, we can help.

  • Any technical problems use Contact Us form or call direct so we know.

  • Yes, we can set-up, scale, or manage your Infogurushop digital advertising account for best results. Make contact for quote.

  • Browse brands, businesses or professional talent, local, national or global.

  • Simply bookmark to any device NO download.

  • Dont forget to share, like and comment.

  • HIRE Infogurushop [IGS] to produce additional SEO, social media, video, content marketing or advertising campaigns for your brand, business, website or talent.

  • Before FREE AD expires in 14 days, you can upgrade and place classified ads with photos, video, map for 5 GBP per ad for 15 days. Or get 365 days Platinum Business Package with up to a whopping  7 product ads per month.

  • Use PPC campaigns across various platforms to boost your views, leads, sales and conversions.

  • Promote your IGS URL by email, word-of-mouth, QR Code etc.

  • Remember, no 1 page website or platform is a magical ATM machine, not even Google. It takes multiple COMBINATION strategies, channels & techniques to win online & offline.

  • All views are shown on-page and contact messages/enquiries will be emailed, if any.

  • Immediate VALUE/BONUS with Infogurushop is your LIVE across web, and mobile instantly without need of app development cost.

  • Once published, your ad is local, national and global.

  • The more businesses and people register or share the more exposure.

  • We cover many indusrties including Music videos & real estate, manufacturing, wholesale, retail with FULL description.

  • Regardless of the size of your in-house team, Infogurushop can assist with one-stop, web, social, mobile, digital advertising campaigns, plus streaming, local, national, or global.

Value Proposition:

We combine and make classified, geo-location, multichannel, multimedia, mobile, digital advertising, plus streaming, affordable for all.

Our Digital ad connector is local, national or global as a marketplace across all devices.

Why pay for bot clicks, when you can target and attract VERIFIED HUMAN people, local, national or global across all devices.

Browse or search classified or business ads across: Auto, Manufacturers, Wholesale, Music, Business, Real Estate, Retail & more.

1st AD 100% FREE 14 days!

A ONE-STOP advertising solution.

Join REGISTER here today! Top 50 GEW 2013 global award winning Infogurushop.

Infogurushop Can Help You…

Most businesses do NOT advertise as it is costly, and or they do not have web, mobile, digital expertise or online time.

We also understand most of your business is LOCAL, but most businesses are disconnected from their local communities. We can help you.

Infogurushop saves you time and budget with its award-winning, local, national and global, digital advertising solution.

Need lead generation or sales leads across web, mobile, social as Make-up Artist, Music, Real Estate or any business get listed today.

Ad Example:


We advertise and showcase EVERYTHING about your brand, business or talent, local, national or global across all devices.

We provide built-in lead capture, so potential clients or consumers can directly contact you via email, phone or message.


Scan the QR Code

Contact Infogurushop [IGS]:

Use website ‘contact form’ Email: info[at]infogurushop[dot]com, follow IGS @infogurushop or call +44 07940[108]769 registered Ltd.

Have a great day.

Infogurushop Team.

Mr Branson BLOG.

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