Digital Advertising: Multimedia FULL-PAGE, Web, Digital, Social & Mobile Advertising Service.

How IGS Works

91% of Digital Marketing Ads Don’t Get Viewed for More Than a Second – [Source: Blur Group.Com] That is because 70% of online advertising is NOT viewed by humans but giant rogue bots.

We Can SOLVE That!

How IGS Works:

  • Register your brand, business or professional talent. BROWSE/TAP/CLICK any LOGO for page!
  • Make payment, do-it-yourself OR we go to work on your dynamic ONE-PAGE multimedia, multichannel listing.
  • Anyone can browse brands, businesses or professional talent using “Alphabetical” local, national or global advertising categories. See FOOTER, GLOBAL LISTINGS DROP DOWN MENU or links on all pages.
  • Main Menu sits above all pages & lists everything we do or serve across all devices online and offline. Simply bookmark NO download. Dont forget to share, like and comment.
  • HIRE IGS to produce additional SEO, social media, video, content marketing, advertising for your brand, business, website or talent.

Value Proposition:

Digital advertising connector local, national, global across all devices.

Do you believe ONE-PAGE digital is faster and smarter than several pages online & offline?

Get YOUR BUSINESS, BRAND, TALENT OR WEBSITE with videos, photos, contact details, social media links, map, full description, showcasing YOU across all devices local, national or global?

The ONE-STOP solution!

Get on-board REGISTER here today! Use Top 50 global award winning Infogurushop.

How It Works:

Whether you want to list your brand, business, professional talent as band, musician, soloist, lawyer, solicitor, website, real-estate, restaurant, auto dealership, manufacturer, wholesaler, travel agent, hospital, nursery, Jeweler etc.,

Infogurushop makes your ONE-STOP web, mobile, social and digital custom SMART-PAGE all about YOU with full description, video, photos, social links, Qr Code, contact details, maps or 360 VR across all devices.

Think of Infogurushop as a local, national and global multimedia, multichannel, advertising ad connector, and the more brands, businesses and talent on-board we all win-win across all channels and devices.

USP/Key Features:

Digital advertising connector web, mobile, social media, plus offline strategies. A wholistic, comprehensive, low-cost solution for your Brand, Business or Professional Talent.

Most businesses do NOT advertise as it is costly and or they do not have web, mobile, digital expertise, knowledge or time.

Infogurushop advertising saves you time and budget with its award-winning local, national and global smart-page solution.

If you do not have web, mobile or digital expertise and need sales leads across web, mobile, social as a Make-up Artist, Music Artist, Real Estate or other get listed today.


We advertise and showcase EVERYTHING about your brand, business or talent, local, national or global across all devices with video, QR Codes, 360 VR & more.

We also provide in-built lead capture so potential clients or consumers can directly contact you via email, phone or message.

If you need a 360 Virtual Reality simulator as above or custom VR training project make contact.


Also see AD LISTING/DIRECTORY FEATURES we are continuously innovating and working to become the best ONE-STOP advertising solution for combined web, digital & mobile advertising across all channels and devices.

Contact or follow IGS @infogurushop.

Have a great day.

Infogurushop Team.

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