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Humans need Humans

Humans need Humans and humans need the skill-sets of other humans.

This is regardless of the ever-increasing advancements in technologies from artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics and or automation present and future.

Where would the Internet or Web be without human innovation, creativity, social media posts and human power?

Humans are the ones who have created, spearheaded and developed all technologies and innovation from stone age to now scientific, digital, social, and mobile technologies.

Humans are irreplaceable! I cannot see robots purchasing or wearing a dress or suit, sure they can drive cars, but never rule e-commerce, consumerism or ownership of houses, household income or goods worldwide.

This is why all economies and industries of the world need humans and their skills and skill-sets. A digital skills shortage is costing England, UK around 63 BILLION GBP per annum.

This needs to be addressed alongside high unemployment rates in countries like Turkey, Greece and Venezuela.

Humans need to network, support other humans and create teams to win-win. For still today, nothing beats word-of-mouth in marketing, advertising and promotion of goods and services. This is human power at its best worldwide.

Infogurushop is all about advertising, promotion, showcasing, marketing and digital training of humans local, national and global.

Paul Branson aka Infogurushop was recently a keynote speaker at the HeadZUp Digital, Sales, Marketing & Technology Expo in Birmingham, England, alongside speakers representing HP, Apple, Samsung and PC World. His presentation was entitled: The Power of Social Media & Digital Trends.




Are You Proud To Be Human?

Humans proudly sit at the heart of all things Web, social media, digital, mobile, e-commerce, entertainment, gaming, startup and consumerism local, national and global.

One is not against the advancement of technologies or industries only against any form of New World Order, human isolation, depression, recession or replacement.

Modern technologies must always ensure it thinks HUMAN first for without humans who will use, promote or purchase your technology?

In China chinese robots are reading the news, Artificial Intelligence is fast becoming a new way of thinking faster than any human brain. Autonomous vehicles are quickly replacing the need for human drivers from cars to HGV lorries.

Humans Need Training, Opportunities & Employment

Without human employment what will happen to GDP, household-income and consumerism? What will humans do for income? How will humans compete against robots and automation designed to replace low-income jobs of humans worldwide? This is why your natural skill, talent or passion maybe your best business plan or USP now and future.

The modern new world order stage is set and technologies and automation will soon compete, produce and think faster than most humans.

Have you noticed you cannot talk on your own smartphone or write an article on your laptop or PC without being asked or prompted: ‘Would you like to save this in Cloud?

Humans must awake and get trained, skilled and wise not to sell your web, social and mobile ‘data‘ for free to AI, machine-learning and big data.

The world of technologies and web desperately need a win-win solution, no more can a few online giants rule 70% of any industry, when the world of people need their share or level-playing field of market, business, industry, jobs or opportunities.



2020 UK Skills Shortage & Demand By Region

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