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Infoguru Community

71% Plan to Spend More on Digital Marketing Activities – [Source: Search Engine Journal]

Infoguru Community is where talented, professional, entrepreneurial people from around the world cowork, network, showcase, collaborate and win-win local, national and global across all devices online and offline.

Influencer marketing and advertising is HUGE with up to 54% increase in brand awareness exposure. There is also a Digital Skills Shortage across the EU, UK and most of the world.

Let’s face it, we are ALL born with one dream, talent, skill or expertise.

What if our social, digital, mobile advertising [human] influencer network and INFOGURU community can help you gain the knowledge, advertising and promotion YOU, your brand or business needs to gain more exposure online and offline?

All we ask is REGISTER join, support and link to us so we can network, collaborate, showcase, advertise, communicate together a win-win partnership.

Whether you are a brand, business or individual REGISTER today! Become part of a UK, EU or global INFOGURU COMMUNITY and showcase your brand, business, skills or talent across ALL devices.


Infogurushop are Social Media, SEO and Digital influencer specialists checkout our KLOUT SCORE and Top 1% influencer profile on

We also promise to keep you informed of the latest online, offline, digital, social, mobile, web trends daily via @infogurushop

Why not cowork, volunteer, partner and help us grow this INFOGURU TALENT COMMUNITY so we can network, tweet, advertise and broadcast across all devices.

No monthly or group fees plus 30 Mins of FREE consultancy per month for 365 Premium paid listing members.

Why Join?

Infogurushop makes it easy for anyone to learn, hire, train or showcase anywhere in the world PLUS earn 15% commission on any business you generate on behalf of Infogurushop.

For example: Introduce our 365 days advertising across ALL devices web, mobile, tablet or PC and EARN 15% of 365.00 GBP which equals 54.75 GBP PER SALE. With 3 sales or orders you can earn 164.25 GBP in one night.

If you choose to hold Infoguru Talent Meetups once per week or everyday in your City great! You are in control of your Infoguru Talent Meetups.

Imagine networking and collaborating with Infoguru Community Professionals from CIO, COO, CEO, CFO, directors, managers, celebrities, journalists, educators, performing artists and more across all channels.

It’s a win-win local, national or global INFOGURU NETWORK. Register today!

How to get Started

Simply complete the online form HERE. This online form is detailed for us to be clear who’s applying.

We are all about ‘quality over quantity‘ once your application is successful Infogurushop will advertise your group FREE on our website [ONLY UNDER] Infoguru Talent Meetups.

This is as long as your group is legitimately meeting and performing referral sales. This is a win-win opportunity.

This is also a great way for charities, employees, youth groups, churches, scouts, students and motivated individuals also mom, dad and the elderly to EARN while you cowork, meet, talk, network, read and share YOUR quality content across all devices.


Benefits of Infogurushop Community [Meetups] in all areas Worldwide

  • Cowork, network, collaborate with influential founders, entrepreneurs, investors, educators, talented people and more.
  • EARN 15% of all sales you refer to Meetup, network and grow this Infoguru Community. NO MONTHLY OR GROUP FEES plus up to 1 hr FREE Consultancy per month for paid 365 premium listing members only.
  • As an Infoguru Talent Scout you qualify for an extra 10% OFF advertising your own startup or business on Infogurushop. You MUST be the CEO/Founder to qualify for this 10% discount.
  • At Infogurushop you can keep abreast of daily business news and follow us @infogurushop as we help tweet your Infoguru Talent Group or classified listing.
  • Infogurushop can advertise or showcase your brand, business, skills or talent local, national or global across ALL devices.
  • Infogurushop also tweets jobs daily @tweets_jobs so this is great for discussion or employment opportunities.
  • Infogurushop welcomes community influencer teams and or collaboration across social media platforms.
  • Infogurushop is your ONE-STOP FULL-PAGE advertising ad connector across all devices.
  • Infogurushop also builds WordPress websites and can expertly handle web, social media, digital management or group training.
  • When you become a Infogurushop Talent Scout we will be available for instant mobile app chat or online chat.
  • Infoguru Community is a great way to UP-SELL whilst meeting with your existing clientele. Who does not want low-cost web, video, mobile, digital advertising across all devices or hire Infoguru Influencers?

No one offers you more than Infogurushop. This is a powerful local, national or global INFOGURU opportunity.

To learn more about Infogurushop see our About Us Page achievements. FREE GROUP AD EXAMPLE. Create YOUR OWN Infoguru talent group today. We also PLEDGE 1% to give back to the world.


Scan the QR Code

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