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Work From Home Full-time or Part-time…

Infoguru Rockstars/Talent Scouts Wanted Worldwide!

Most people are facing recession, Aging population, Mass Unemployment or a New Mindset?

Plus 75% of jobs will require advanced digital skills by 2023 [Source]

Solution: Now Do You! Make money? Think online and offline digital planning and strategies. Learn the art of online advertising, marketing & promotion.

Can you network, refer or sell web, digital, mobile advertising to brands, businesses and entrepreneurs online and offline?

If yes, become a Infoguru Rep/Talent Scout local, national or global in your city or area.


  1. How many people do YOU know need extra income?

  2. How many people do you know have a talent or skill?

  3. How many people need promotion and or lead-generation?

  4. How many people need digital skills?

  5. How many people you know can style hair, sew, bake, model, sing, dance, rap, need or have a website?

You can intern, volunteer, collaborate or partner with us and make money working from home online or offline.

Apply REGISTER today to become an Infoguru Rep/Talent Scout in your country, city or area and EARN 50 GBP per sale online, offline, local, national or global.

We welcome motivated and talented people as students, sales reps, executives, entrepreneurs, social ambassadors and professionals.

Just be willing to collaborate and win-win local, national or global online and offline.

There are over 4 BILLION websites online and MILLIONS of registered busineses worldwide who need Full Digital advertising skills and solutions across all devices.

There are also 6.7 MILLION people 27% of South Africa population unemployed and many americans and british citizens are struggling to survive and earn a decent wage or living.

Time for a new mindset and action plan. We have the strategy and tools to earn multiple income streams 7 ways to make money.

Earn 15% per 365 GBP VIP Business Platinum Package ad sale. That’s 50 GBP per sale! Full 1-on-1 Training Provided.

Work online and offline. Must speak English with any other language. Complete our online form or if you live in England, Scotland or Wales call +44 07940[108]769 to discuss your interest.




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Infoguru Rockstars/Talent Scouts Wanted Worldwide!

You Can’t DO Anything GREAT Without TAKING RISKS! – | Kristen Stewart

The impact of the digital world on students began long before the COVID-19 pandemic. The digital world has brought tremendous benefits, but the rate of digital technology advances is far greater than the speed at which we have adapted in terms of education, policies, and culture. [Source]


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