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Keyword Search Expertise

When it comes to keyword search expertise, very few people or businesses can claim such a title. I am going to share with you some keyword strategies most online search giants DO NOT want you to know for fear of educating online advertisers of all industries why they spend BILLIONS online.

I am not going to talk in-depth about Pay-per-click [PPC] one can Google, BING or Yahoo search. What I am going to do is demonstrate why most SME’s, entrepreneurs and online businesses fail to generate traffic or correct keyword search words, or phrases through NO FAULT of their own.

One cannot execute what one does not know or understand. The average business or topic takes at minimum 10-100 high search, combination keywords or more, to remotely stand a chance of any traffic or target consumer reach.

Pro Tip #1:

Let’s use Macdonalds for this example, it is a global brand in nearly every Country and City, so in-order for Macdonalds to utilize every keyword around its brand, business or targeted consumers, it would not just have a HUGE list, but would need a HUGE budget. Lucky for Macdonalds it has a HUGE bricks & mortar presence across most cities, towns and countries of the world, which helps reduce its advertising costs. Yet Macdonalds has competition so it still requires TV, web, digital, mobile and social channels of advertising.

This is why leading online giants hold ‘keywords‘ ransom, they created PPC, so one would not only need a list of keywords but pay per click for each keyword. Have you noticed the most popular keywords cost the most and increases with click or time?

As an Example: Macdonalds top word, duo words, combination words, for targeted keywords local, national and global could look something like:

  • Big Mac

  • Burger

  • Burgers

  • Fries

  • Milkshake

  • Fast food

  • Restaurant

  • Takeaway

  • Hungry

  • Hot meal

  • Hot food

  • Breakfast

  • Lunch

  • Meal

  • Fast food restaurant

  • Food restaurant

  • Burger food

  • Burger takeaway

  • Then if you think location this could lead into cities, towns and countries etc like:

  • USA

  • America

  • Chicago

  • Atlanta

  • New York

  • London

  • UAE

  • Paris

  • If you bring lifestyle into your keywords it could lead to:

  • Disney land

  • Disney

  • Bowling

  • Barbecue

  • School trip

  • Student

  • Generation X

  • Babyboomer

  • Teen

  • Youth

  • Parent

  • Parents

  • Fishing

  • Bingo

  • Food trucks

  • Construction worker

  • Plumber

  • Electrician

  • Carpenter

  • ETC, ETC, ETC the list could literally result in ten’s of thousands then get tested for cost to conversion rates etc.

Keywords are generally best organized into groups:

  • Brand terms – any keywords containing your brand name and trademarked terms.

  • Generic terms – terms or phrases relating to products or services offered.

  • Related terms – terms or phrases not directly related to what you’re selling, but users who want your products or services may be searching for.

  • Competitor terms – the brand names of competitors who are offering similar products and services to yours.

So the secret here is, how many keywords do YOU need to reach a point of target=conversion=sales=retention?

Macdonalds may begin with a huge list, but as they test for penetration, conversion and retention, the list pivots or becomes strategic in only what ‘performs or reaches their target audience with geographic, demographic and pyschographic best sales performance.

Pro Tip #2:

Now imagine classifieds or online advertising that still can penetrate mobile, search engines, search terms, location, lifestyles, demographics etc. What if you were given 10 FREE TAGS/KEYWORDS Per Ad. Would you be interested? What if one could use TAGS/KEYWORDS to take your business, brand or SME local, national and global for less than the cost of most online advertising platforms?

Look what Infogurushop did for Macdonalds we used TAGS/KEYWORDS to place Macdonalds in:

  • United States

  • Takeaway

  • Food

  • England

  • London

  • Coventry

  • Leeds

  • Manchester

  • Nottingham

  • Wales

  • Scotland

  • Ireland

One may be thinking that is NOT the best keywords for Macdonalds, it depends on what your trying to do. In this case, 10 FREE Tags/Keywords places Macdonalds in 10 different cities and several countries. If Infogurushop wanted to take Macdonalds across every city, town, state, Country or CATEGORY it can do it.

Of course search engines have more visitors and traffic, but the point here is they are ALL classified search engines with categories, just more controlled traffic which is not necessarily human. The more SME’s, entrepreneurs and humans wake up, the more they will reduce their ad budgets. Go for what gives you the most tools, reach, combination across all devices, tags, keywords and channels. Then help promote it, while we all win-win and save costly ad budgets.



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