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Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Lead generation strategies are the life-line of any successful startup, business, person or brand, local, national and global.

The Problem:

Salesforce revealed that less than 0.5% of webinar leads ever convert to customers.

People worldwide are suffering from stimuli and information-overload. Most people also dislike having to generate leads on a daily basis by hard-work! Lets talk about it, who likes generating sales by:

  • Cold-calling
  • Email
  • Direct person-to-person
  • Leaflets/posters
  • Direct-mail
  • Telephone/Smartphone
  • Social Media
  • Online advertising PPC, SEO
  • Online blogging content
  • Mobile advertising using an app or responsive design
  • Video marketing
  • Solo ads
  • Directory submissions
  • Classified ads
  • Attend tradeshows and exhibitions see our global list.

The above is VERY powerful yet not all work for all things or everyone, as not everyone can be a master of all things, skills, gifts or talents. Therefore, one has to test and identify what channels, platforms and skill-sets work best for YOU. What makes YOU relaxed, excited, comfortable and confident with the best or most results achieved by sales and happy converted customers.

The Solution:

The actual solution is to take all problems anf fears and sit, plan and convert all fears into positive strategies and solutions. One does this by admitting that unless one engages daily in effective generation of leads YOUR business, goals and aspirations will suffer. This means YOUR income, business and reputation will suffer online and offline daily without lead generation.

This is why most of the above list are the SOLUTIONS. But, one has to ride the fears, obstacles and steep learning curves of being an entrepreneur, startup, business or professional daily.

Remember when you had school, college or graduate assigment deadlines, and you got very little sleep or time to read or research the coursework or assignment? How did YOU feel?

Being an entrepreneur, startup or business of any size in this modern-digital, social and mobile world with colossal information, channels, platforms and devices are over-whelming. This is why daily planning, testing and time-management are crucial.

One should do the following on a daily basis:

  • Set your daily tasks and goals, i.e. 10 calls or link shares per day
  • Plan your time and what you will do on a daily basis
  • Plan your funnel and follow-up strategy online and offline
  • Plan your social media strategy i.e. what will I post and why?
  • Plan your blogging content strategy i.e. what and who am I to the world?
  • Plan your direct sales pitch and strategy i.e what benefits = sales?
  • Plan your design not just of website but leaflets and posters
  • Plan your call to action i.e. how do people make a sale today!
  • Plan your telephone sales pitch i.e. how will you get me excited to say yes?
  • Understand most sales takes 1-3 steps of a process i.e. call, qualify, close
  • Understand there are learning-curves to online PPC, SEO, social media, marketing, advertising etc. They all have a price and require specialist knowledge and investment.
  • The solution is YOU can learn almost anything online by reading and watching content. So there are no excuses to not finding out how to do anything you face, wish or desire.

The two videos and information above with links combined are very powerful.

Have a great day,


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