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Mass Unemployment vs New Mindset

Mass Unemployment vs New Mindset

Mass Unemployment vs New Mindset is now the only global battle, solution and strategy open to mankind online and offline. Lets talk..

Watch videos to assess the emergency battle of 6.7 MILLION people unemployed in South Africa and many Afro-Americans who cannot find work or live without racism or daily hardship and rejection.

The end-game is most people of the world must decide Mass Unemployment or New Mindset? Also when you listen to the above Emory video presentation, having a degree or attending university does not guarantee escape, employment, elimination of debt, unemployment or no hardship.

I have never had anyone ask to see my BA Business Degree, yet employers have grueled, asked for references and proof I can do what is written in my resume in interviews. This is despite receiving numerous awards and press coverage.

At IGS we believe EVERY HUMAN has an innate talent and gift unique in the world. Yet, the way most humans including myself have been educated and raised is now outdated. Consider, what is more important being happy, estalished, successful, earning money or having a degree or PhD? They both require a plan, research, money, knowledge, study and years of hard-work.

In 2020, I am going to be traveling to as many cities and countries of the world to prove Infogurushop has the Infoguru Digital Ad Connector solution of the world.

No matter what you choose or decide in life you will need specialist tools, advertising, marketing, promotion, team, consumers, sales and lead generation. This is whether you work for yourself or someone else.

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