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Meghan Markle & Princess Diana

Meghan Markle & Princess Diana

Meghan Markle & Princess Diana appearing closely alike, could be the main reason Prince Harry married her on the 19/05/2018 in England, UK.

Take a look:

What do you see? What I see is amazing similarities and resemblance, stunningly both beautiful, but very few women can be compared or matched to the beauty, charm, heart, soul and spirit of Princess Lady Diana. I truly misss her with all my heart. Yet, could Prince Harry have chosen Meghan Markle for how close she reminds him of his late Princess and Mother?

The 19th of May, 2018 would have been a HAPPY DAY for Princess Lady Diana. She would have beamed from ear-ear watching her youngest son finally tie-the-knot and get married. Princess Lady Diana loved both her sons or children with passion and always took time to be a protective and loving Mother.

I wish Meghan Markle and Prince Harry the best of life and living. I hope they both make Princess Lady Diana proud in their charity work, freedom and unity of people of all walks of life and living. I am sure they have already studied and admired the wisdom and love of Princess Lady Diana.

Watch the Harry & Meghan Royal wedding on YouTube video:

Sincerely All the Best,


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