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Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising, is the leading platform and consumer choice for browsing, search and hand-held device. Nothing is faster than mobile communication.

,When it comes to LOYALTY consumers do care about who, when, where and what brand or price. Mobile fanatic, GenZ consumers consider themselves loyal to brands despite only 11% of marketers believing they are, see above link source.

Mobile advertising is popular and in demand, as it is now hand-held, light, app or responsive design capable, local, national, global in power and reach. Also 5G is on the way, which looks to increase mobile, app features, graphics, video and power. Check out this 5G Infographic.

In the above graph, mobile search ad spending in the United States of America alone has increased from 4.92 Billion to 25.69 Billion USD from 2013-2018. This is a huge increase, with no sign of slowing or trending down for the foreseeable future. Mobile advertising and ad spending has the potential to reach 5-7 BILLION people or consumers on planet Earth.

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