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Mosh Bari 100% PROOF Scam!

Mosh Bari 100% PROOF Scam!

Mosh Bari 100% PROOF Scam! He claims to earn 10K per day/week yet when you order from him to invest in his ‘affiliate advertising promises’ his support ticket desk does NOT reply and when you try to reach him via his email he has an automated reply system directing you back to a useless support desk designed to NOT provide anyway of obatining a refund in 30 days.

I spent 300 GBP purchasing all of his funnels because I see he is well connected in the online affiliate marketing world. Yet he is nothing but a scam artists – BEWARE! He replied to me on Facebook apologizing see photo proof below.

Despite his Facebook reply, I got no email and NOTHING for my 300 GBP puchase which is totally unacceptable. I will NOT be scammed by anyone online without taking action. Watch the video below.

It is a shame for all when affiliate marketing has to be represented by people who SCAM consumers and advertise and market false advertising claims and NOT deliver on their advertised promises. Here is a list of all the products advertised by Mosh Bari, ask yourself why so many products IF one or two are good enough to ‘deliver’ on the online promises he generally or usually makes? Just the long list of products demonstrate the SCAM and false promises and advetising commonly associated with online marketing. This has to stop, otherwise all it will do is breed false claims, distrust and lies across all forms of online marketing, advertising and commerce.

Mosh Bari products beware:

*Viral Content Creator


*Passive Profit Builder



*DJK Done for you

*Blistering JV Zoo page

*Insta Minator

*TraffixPro Warrior Forum and many more….

As you can see from the above links and product list, Mosh Bari is working with many of the Top affliate marketers online across JVZOO, Warrior Forum and Clickbank etc…YET he is operating where one cannot claim a REFUND or get a reply to an email direct. This is the making and actions of a SCAM. You don’t have to take my word for it…but when he also demands you send him access to your hosting domain account buyer BEWARE, he can take that and run with it.

I got scammed for 300 GBP by Mosh Bari so BEWARE and he has now blocked me on Facebook, but videos and photos of PROOF never lie and they stick online to warn others of such peril.

An afiliate ‘Product Creator‘ is fast becoming someone who creates BS long-list of useless, worthless affiliate products with incteasing difficulties of ever obtaining a refund BEWARE. Why? It takes YEARS to produce one product of technological power, influence or professionalism online.

Paul Branson aka Infogurushop

Also see RIP OFF REPORT Beware!

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