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Need Digital Skills?

Need Digital Skills?

Most brands, people and businesses around the world need digital skills as the Internet, Web, advertising, social media and complex world of technologies demand digital skills.

Digital skills are not one dimensional they are multi-dimensional, always changing, updating and challenging users and consumers worldwide. This is true whether your an:

  • Employee
  • Brand
  • Business owner
  • Entrepreneur
  • Teacher
  • Institution
  • Etc.

Digital skills cover various platforms, channels, devices, technologies and software online and offline. It predominantly covers web, social, mobile, tablet, PC, gaming, AI, IOT, machine learning and cryptocurrency worldwide. Without digital skills how will one become digital experienced in a modern digital world?

Without Digital Skills most people and economies will suffer

I just read an interesting article entitled: The Economic & Social Imperative of Developing Digital Skills. This is a must read for all. In the article it states:

  • The European Commission estimates that nearly half of Europeans don’t have basic digital skills and that there will be a shortage of 500,000 technology workers by 2020.
  • EY research found that 67% of HR leaders said that skills shortages were damaging top-line growth and 73% see a negative impact on productivity and profitability.
  • A study by Capgemini found that 54% of employees believe that a lack of digital talent is hampering transformation and leads to a lost competitive advantage.
  • A global study by Ipsos, sponsored by the Vodafone Institute and covering 9000 people across 9 countries, found that 85% of respondents said they need digital skills in their job, but only 32% of respondents from across Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, Bulgaria and Sweden acquired them at work or while studying, with 67% teaching themselves.

Though the above is worrying and startling for any parent, institution, entrepreneur or business worldwide, this is good news for Digital Skills consultants and professionals who have acquired the education, knowledge and expertise of many digital skills across various online platforms and technologies.

The Truth about Digital Skills

The truth about Digital Skills are:

  • It is complex and global
  • Like a mobile phone or fashion it is always changing
  • Digital skills are very demanding of the human mind or brain
  • Digital skills is very time consuming
  • Digital skills requires multi-tasking daily
  • Digital skills is creative, strategic and analytical combined
  • Digital skills is a present and future a worthwhile learning curve
  • Digital skills can be very expensive to create, design, execute, perform or monitor
  • Digital skills often lead towards multichannel and multimedia
  • It will take most people an average of ten years to mature or scale their YouTube, Twitter, Instagram or Linkedin accounts.
  • Very FEW people can claim to be digital marketing or advertising specialists, unless they have served ten years minimum online and most veteran online freelancers know more and produce better results than agency employees.

What does your digital skills need? Most peole, brands and businesses need a reputable digital consultant or strategist, one that has established their own online and offline social media or website awards, expertise or influence.

Infogurushop is here to help people, brands and businesses of all sizes worldwide. We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk daily local, national and global across all platforms, industries and devices.

Have a gtreat day,


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