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Power of Retention

Power of Retention is something most people, entrepreneurs and businesses of the world wish they could master or achieve on a daily basis. This is why we as humans tweet, blog, post content, selfies, videos, emails, backlinks, classified ads, PPC, SEO and more daily local, national and global.

So what if we could make retention local, national and global affordable, achievable, enjoyable and less of a bombardment like most TV commercials or advertising online and offline?

Would YOU want to invest or advertise and get more for your ad spend, budget, promotion or marketing campaign? If the answer is yes, and you want to maximize the power and potential of retention, the first thing one has to do is think REPETITION LONG-TERM.

Repetition is why TV commercials and radio keep ad-slotting advertisements and they even make them annoying, funny, animated, loud or weird to get your ‘attention’ that may lead to retention of mind or thoughts.

Even if you hate an advertisement, you know the one every-time you see or hear it you cringe with anger, frustration and annoyance sprinting for the remote control or off button.

The strange thing is that weird, annoying advertisement has got into your brain-cells you have retained a dislike or annoyance for that advertisement.

Repetition certainly leads to retention local, national or global. Do you remember some annoying things your family or relatives would do or say? And even years later you still remember those words retained and ingrained into your brain, spirit or psyche.


Without repetition, attention and retention marketing, advertising or promotion has little power or success online or offline. This is true, especially in a modern social, digital world where very few humans now have time for anything other than what they need, like, want, desire and feel is important.

Have you tried to get 15 or 30 minutes with your children, friends or relatives lately? It is not easy right?

So without making this article long, as most humans now dislike reading a long article or book, yet I am still a strong believer of if you do not read you will never master or fully know any topic or subject.

Most humans now watch, browse, speed read for about 10 seconds on most websites or blogs, and if they are unintrigued or uninterested they fly or sprint to the next website, advertisement, article, music or consumer good of interest.

Most humans do this walking, sitting, working, multitasking on a daily basis local, national, global. It is NOT easy to get the attention of most humans on planet Earth. This is why most conversion rates even for online specialists are between 1-10% max, even on Facebook or TikTok.

This is also why we invite YOU to advertise 30 to 365 days of the year so your advertisement can better penetrate and achieve retention and repetition on a daily basis local, national and global across all devices online and offline.

Would you prefer a dollar circulating for a 365 days or 1-5,000 circulating for 30 days or a month? I hear you say it depends on ROI. It also depends on retention and repetition you may win with cash in 30 days but you win short and long-term when you gain or achieve retention and repetition always.

To learn more see our About Us Page or IGS Packages.

Thank You,

Have a great day.


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