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Power of Social Media

The Power of Social Media now and towards 2020, appears to be growing in demand across all channels and devices worldwide. Social Media has now become a powerful industry, across web, mobile, video and media.

It is the perfect social tool for advertising, promoting and marketing brands, business and people local, national and global across all devices.

Where can you tweet, post, advertise, market or promote local, national or global in seconds without social media tools?

EConsultnacy.Com published: The Best Digital Marketing Stats 2018 illustrating literacy, influencers and Social Media, across digital marketing channels and devices are powerful combination strategies, online and offline.

Interesting to see 9 x or multiply by 9 your contacts on average per person, per month is achieved through social media. This is huge in power, reach, exposure and potential conversion for any brand, business or person worldwide.

I also came across another interesting article: How to Build a Social Media Conversion Funnel which illustrates the importance of 1. Awareness 2. Interest 3. Consideration 4. Conversion as key areas of any social, media, engagement and conversion funnel.

From the above one can wisely conclude, it is more than just a tweet, post or advert, one has to always wisely think customer or target audience 1st then what awareness, interest, consideration or conversion strategies. Use this on a consistent daily basis before and after all posts, tweets and media communication[s].  This is how one achieves interest, influence, engagement, retention and conversion.


It takes years to master Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, Facebook or most social media, digital platforms especially when people of the world have a plethora of brands, websites, blogs and offers of service or choice local, national and global.

The best way to become a Social Media success are:

  1. Brand Yourself – this is wise advice for an individual, business, startup or institution. To brand yourself correctly requires investigative research and strategy answering why, how, who, when, where plus how often? This is no walk-in-the-park and may explain why most people, brands and SME’s of the world find social media time-consuming, difficult, repetitious or competitive. With the right brand one has to think long-term like most things engaging, influential and successful. Even celebrities get tired like Kanye West and Kim Kardashian of social media feedback, competition, influence and multitasking.
  2. Be Creative & Interesting – one of the hardest things to achieve in a digital world is get someone’s attention on a hourly or daily basis. This is largely due to wide choices online and mobile at the disposal of people worldwide.  So unless you or your offer is creative and interesting one stands little chance of a powerful social media funnel or brand.
  3. Be Consistent & Unpredictable – newspapers are always ‘unpredictable’ people have purchased newspapers purely on the fact they want to know what is news today. Also magazines are unpredictable what can I read or you inform, educate or offer me today? Social Media and digital marketing or advertising is no different. I truly believe the fundamentals of marketing, advertising and promotion has NOT changed in over 50 years, word of mouth is still KING of sales and conversion. If its creative, interesting, unpredictable and consistent people will talk, share, link and or follow.
  4. Share, Link, Engage & Empower – the reason for this is be social. This is a way of saying I like, support or would like to follow you. This encourages appreciation and may lead to friendship, partnership, collaboration, sales and conversion. If your not sharing, liking or supporting people have ‘eyes’ and ‘ears’ they will read and watch your timeline and make judgement. This is true even for celebrities like Kanye West and Kim Kardashian who has made millions from Social Media, yet risk losing all if they are considered to now be unimportant, rude or unpopular.
  5. Multitask & Think Longterm – this may sound easy but is VERY difficult and costly to execute. Try tweeting or posting to Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Youtube or Instagram on a daily basis for 2, 5 or 10 years. Once per day will not be enough! To become a influencer or increase sales and conversion one needs twice per day or automation software, that can make this happen on a creative, interesting, consistent, influential and powerful way.
  6. Be Professional & Transparent – people follow, like and do business with whom they trust or know is of value and reliable.
  7. Remember: ‘Your life is a social journey from beginning to end.’

Please share, like and enjoy,

Paul Branson aka Infogurushop.

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