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QR Codes are a great way to advertise and showcase your brand, business or talent across all devices, online and offline.

Infogurushop uniquely combine’s & provide’s QR Code’s on all PREMIUM PAID advertising template’s along with full description, photo’s, video’s, social media link’s and map’s.

The Perfect Advertising Combination:

If you are new to QR Codes think of them as a bar code or credit card that when scanned collects more information than a traditional business card and leads people to your website, blog, business or video.

ONE-PAGE with a QR code invites consumers to explore everything about your brand, business or talent across all devices worldwide.

QR Codes like barcodes are extremely popular offline across retail stores, wholesalers and manufacturers.

QR Codes are also a great way to scan and read later on the go.

QR codes can handle any form of content like a barcode in the form of digital image, video, music file or something else.

QR codes also make it possible to connect with your customers from any location via web, mobile or physical contact.

QR codes also saves time having to read through an entire website or webpage in one sitting. You can QR Code or barcode most things even your body.

By creating your own QR Codes (called “qurifying”) you can make whatever you want more mobile, digital, social, innovative and interactive.

Put your QR Code website, video, voucher, Infoguru digital business card on anything even email to promote your products or services viral.

Use QR codes to help promote your website, business, blog, resume or band online or on the road.

At Infogurushop we do more than SEO, SMM, web development, mobile advertising, digital advertising or web strategy.

Need a QR plus digital screen with advertising at your store, office or event?

We are global award winning creators of ONE-PAGE web, digital, social, mobile advertising.

To find out more about QR Codes and their benefits read: Link 1, Link 2 watch video below or why not scan through our digital advertising pages.

Have a great day.

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