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Quotes of universal life, knowledge, information, inspiration, empowerment. To help better understand how, who, when, where, what, through daily quotes. A daily diary of universal growth.

Your mind is your true world, so how you live, learn, align your mind with the universe is critical.

The art of balance is never outside of one-self. Its within.

Stop blaming yourself or others. There is only ONE universal truth within and around us all.

You can become anything your mind or heart desires, for good or evil, but not before you believe it within.

Failure is the test and tutor of strength to achieving power to succeed, through persistence.

There is more to learn through STILLNESS than any degree of world.

It is easier to be love, happy and positive than remove the obstacles of enemies, evil, racism or hatred.

Technology offers us all the chance to create and showcase what we enjoy, believe or perform daily.

Be wise, do not allow the FREE BIG DATA schemes to rob you of your mind or talent.

We are all gifted, talented human-beings, even the alcoholic or drug-user is gifted, most just don’t know, develop or believe it within.

Kim Kardashian despite wealth appears yet to find herself as her photos reflect craving attention from the outside world, not from above or within.

To win one has to first master your mind through spirit to Spirit, faith, determination and persistence.

Not one person on planet earth is without skill, talent, spirit or mind.

You really can be anything you desire, you just need universal synchronization within.

Facial recognition and artificial intelligence are both a one-way street to the destruction of human civilization.

GMO or Generic Modified Organisms are scientists and governments way of feeding and destroying humans within.

One thing robots must never be allowed to compete with or destroy is your innate talent, skill and passion. Be wise online.

Its time for Cuba to be set free from western bully sanction tactics.

The power to forgive others is also the healing power to forgive and set yourself free within.

When people hurt, reject or defraud you, they actually chasten, train and promote you within.

We all need more than a business plan we need a spiritual, or life plan.

Watch the game of the mobile and online giants, they want your FREE DATA for artificial intelligence and or robots.

Mobile and video advertising allows any brand, company or service to showcase local, national or global.

When you do anything with passion, that is your highest call to action and reward.

Depend only on the Creator of the universe forget religion, denominations or the noise’s of human intelligence.

The Creator of this universe still controls seasons, night, light and even speaks within, also there is an art to hearing, listening and being still.

If you can SEE your desire or dream within, it is being baked into manifestation of the now.

Europe will begin the fragmentation of the WWW then China will follow.

It’s a great time to turn your business, talent and expertise into your own media show.

What world or life are you living? Is it for the now or is it destiny or eternal?

To live for divine purpose is far above rubies or gold, it is priceless.

Your business is within. It is YOU born from the universe to world.

Your journey is more within than what it is without or around.

Living and life is a business, it is how we manage income alongside belief, passion and expenditure.

Don’t sell your Privacy! For when it is sold, like your soul, you have nothing left.

Muhammed Ali will always be a forever a legend, for a legend never dies within.

The future is humans Vs Robots, and the more humans share personal information and get tracked, the more robots learn robotics and artificial intelligence to replace them.

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