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SEO – Search Enterprise Optimization

SEO now stands for Search Enterprise Optimization

Infogurushop was the 1st worldwide to coin that phrase.

SEO use to stand for Search Engine Optimization, that was when search engines solely ruled how a website or business got optimized, positioned and ranked.

What rules more than search engines today is digital, mobile, relationship, reputation, trust, influence, rank and social media.

Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber is proof of that, yet social media still needs search as news to bake social media.

If you have ever done an online search for the words ‘SEO CHECKLIST’ you will find lists between 40-91 SEO check-points. Like a vehicle MOT Test.

Indeed, checklists are still relevant, but more important before and away from SEO technical, is the Search Enterprise Optimization strategic checklist:

  • What domain name and why? If you have a domain name is it the right name? Not “dog or cat” unless you want to organically rank with pets, cats or dogs.

  • What content? Articles, videos, photography, e-commerce, other or a combination strategy?

  • What platform? Blog or website? One-page or several pages? Blogger, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc. [LIST]

  • What design? What palette colours? e-commerce, blogging, photography, fashion, automotive, affiliate or other?

  • What logo? Best get the logo right, as Google and most search engines ‘list‘ all blog or website images.

  • Search engines also HATE too many changes unless your an infoguru :) They normally sandbox new blogs and websites, until they monitor and know your optimization and content is consistent. Even for established websites or blogs, anything too sudden like a ton of links search engines will react or take action.

  • What brand, image or business strategy? Online, offline, local, national, global, across some or all devices?

  • What pricing strategy? i.e. high luxury price, low price, freenium, subscription or other?

  • What social media platforms or channels?  Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Snapchat, What’sapp only? Or all social media platforms?

  • SEO checklist and optimization techniques begins when most or all of the above has been researched, brainstormed or decided.

  • Automation or LIVE fresh tweets daily? My Infogurushop social media strategy is LIVE fresh tweets over 100K in 2019, never used automation software, because my strategy cannot use automation.

  • Security. What add-ons or plugins or API’s? This is crucial as not all is safe, good, or will work together also always read user reviews before installing.

  • Influence – how will you attract, grow and retain influential people or followers online and offline?

  • When it come’s to social media one cannot control or calculate how many followers will stay or unfollow.

  • If your reputation, consistency and trust level is high with good content, why would followers want to unfollow?

  • Time-management. This is crucial as web, social, digital, analytics and social demands MULTITASKING. Get this wrong and you lose not just your business and time, but your family, friends and or health.

  • Social media will take over your life and leave you with few showers, meals and romance :)

  • Teamwork, how many team members do you want or need? Will you hire in-house or out-source? It can takes years…to meet the right people committed to your vision and business.

  • What is your Business plan? – plan to win never to fail, long-term.

  • What is your EXIT strategy?very few online businesses can exit within a few years successfully with profit. The best exit strategy is when YOU feel YOU have achieved your goals, then it maybe time to exit.

  • Do you need funding? If yes, you will need a plan, strategy, sales, team, history, innovative idea with growth to win.

  • Do you know how long on average it took Google, YouTube, Linkedin, Twitter and Microsoft to make it? 10 yrs. Most also offer mixed freenium, yet make BILLIONS how is that possible? Heavy investment by the millions. READ.

  • How much data does Google have stored on YOU? Go here to find out.

  • Analytics? How much data do you need to track, store and analyze daily, weekly, monthly, yearly?

This is why the above title is [SEO] Search Enterprise Optimization, because unless you first optimize your brand, business, strategy or enterprise how will you optimize sales, retention, trust, influence, data, consumers?

One can easily optimize for search engines, but it is much harder to optimize for reputation, retention, consumer sales, scale or growth.

Very few web, internet or online brands or businesses can master innovation, execution, growth, reputation, influence, awards, scale and funding to win.

Only a combined web, digital, social, mobile, SEO, business specialist, can get you “close” because he or she has walk the walk, with daily expertise online and offline.

Hire Infogurushop GET LISTED today or call 07940[108]769 and let’s talk. Check out our NIMBLER report to see how well we test.

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