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Social Media Reputation/Expertise Tips

Social Media reputation/expertise tips that convert are much needed today! Gone are the days when anyone can tweet, write or say what they like online. Regardless of the online social media platform what most businesses and people of all ages do NOT know is there are BOTS, FAKE PROFILES and specialist strategies one cannot ignore and like walking across a road without first looking you could get destroyed, hacked, injured or hurt. The online world is no different to the offline streets or worst no go area’s worldwide.

Have you read online and offline news lately? Not even celebrities, royals or politicians can escape online social media comments, abuse, likes, dislikes, platforms or timeline’s. They too need ‘PROFESSIONAL SOCIAL MEDIA‘ skills, management specialist or team for daily content, watch, or in case of emergency. The latest two Social Media casualties of 2016 are #dumptump even as newly appointed President of the U.S. also David Cameron #resigncameron and although both are famous and rich when Social Media attacks like a blaze or fire you want to call expert Social Media, PR, emergency specialist services or get burned. Social Media places us all in the firing line of what others feel and think and as a global platform people are unfraid to express their views.


  1. Hire a proven and EXPERT Social Media influencer specialist like @infogurushop
  2. Don’t hire someone who is not daily or consistent online across social media channels
  3. Check to see how long have they been operating their social media accounts
  4. Check to see are they using ‘automation’ or are they fresh tweets
  5. Check to see who and how much followers and influence do they have.
  6. Check to see what is their Klout Score Klear.Com or Twitaholic influence.
  7. Check to see how many of their followers are real or FAKE by visiting links & websites
  8. Check to see what website and social content? Is it dull, accurate or interesting.
  9. Believe it or not JUNK news is an online and social strategy even the best make S*H*T up
  10. Know when to use the Block and Mute buttons.
  11. Choose who whom you follow and allow to follow as this could destroy oor hurt you.
  12. Believe it or not not everyone who follows you likes or wants to do business or support you.
  13. People can follow you for a number of reasons: they want your followers too they like or want to hate on you. This is why an EXPERT can read any timeline and they know the social, online dangers or games.
  14. THINK STRATEGY should actually be #1 – I always sit down and advise my clients what tweets or content? Why, how, when and for whom?
  15. SECURITY: always use a password with some %_numbers, capitals etc and change it quarterly.
  16. Try not to tweet or post uninformed, drunk, angry or from EMOTIONS. This is what has got many people into BIG trouble like Donald Trump and Stephen Fry.
  17. Just like news or press content if something breaks bad press or viral you need a TEAM or EXPERT who can act quickly in your favour over hours and days 24/7 until the fire or bad press is gone.
  18. Check your time-line on a daily or monthly basis to ensure no dangers and influencers not followed or missed.
  19. Use hashtags to ‘target’ likely channels, people, businesses, groups or readers. Like #business #fashion etc
  20. Use ”comments’ wisely! Only comment on a post or tweet if you are being true, positive or constructive. Remember, your comment always reflects your brand or YOU within.

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