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Understanding Precious Metals

Understanding Precious Metals

Understanding precious metals could be the way to a happy retirement. Let’s talk…

What do you know about precious metals namely gold and silver? What if gold and silver longterm actually perform’s better as an asset than money currencies of the world? Also if you do your research across interest rates, inflation, stocks, real estate and GDP of most countries global trends are not good news.

For a quick economic picture of the world take a look at:

  • Venezuela inflation rate 344,509.50 percent in February of 2019
  • Colombia almost 30% of the population is living in poverty
  • Zimbabwe with over 80% unemployment rate
  • South Africa with over 29.10% unemployment rate
  • Australia real estate market in long-term decline
  • USA now has a national debt of 23 TRILLION and growing
  • Britain, England is now leaving the European Union for good or bad.

The above should scare any human with or without education. So how can we as human’s better invest, save or prepare for a brighter future? I think the best ways are:

  • Learn and master what you passionately love doing
  • Make money from what you passionately love doing
  • Try not to use credit cards or build up debt
  • Think about renting as oppose to buying a home with risky interest rates
  • Research and understand how banks operate and want humans for business and profit
  • Research what is the best currency or banking it may not be paper.

Watch these informative videos:

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