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What is Causing Digital Divide?

What is Causing Digital Divide?

What is causing Digital Divide? This may sound like a simple question like no access or affordability to broadband or Internet services, it is far more wider and deeper a problem than this worldwide. Lets talk…

To think or believe like most governments or large corporations the only thing causing ‘Digital Divide‘ is no access to broadband or Internet, is like saying you want toast but ignore or forget there are two-sides to a slice-of-bread or toast, not one. There are also different types of bread or toast there is French, Italian, Whole Wheat and many more.

No I am not suggesting technology or technologies are like bread or toast, but it makes a good analogy of how simple the world of people, governments and corporations think if we gave everyone access to broadband, Internet and FREE laptops this would solve the Digital Divide.

Far from it. I just read What is the Digital Divide article by the Digital Divide Council where they list only 3 types of Digital Divide:

  1. Gender Divide
  2. Social Divide
  3. Universal Access Divide

I am about to add and take this to as many other Digital Divide types as I can think of:

4. Technology Divide – Without knowledge of how the technology you are using works what good is it?

5. Website/Blog Divide – Without a website or blog and learning or education of how they work there will be a Digital Divide worldwide.

6. Mobile Divide – We are all living in a mobile world and most people especially GEN Z or Millennials use smartphones more than a PC/Laptop. Therefore understanding how to use your smart-phone like a PC/Laptop is crucial to people of all ages of the world or this will create Digital Divide.

7. Online Advertising Affordability Divide – Online Advertising is very COMPLEX and EXPENSIVE for most people of the world. Even Facevook charging a low $25 USD per Day may sound cheap but that is at MINIMUM 25 x 7 = 175 USD per week then x 4 = 700 USD per month x 12 = 8,400 USD per annum. People of all ages need access to affordable online advertising like Infogurushop.Com so they can showcase or advertise their natural or learned talent and skills to work or earn a living.

8. PPC Divide – PPC is a crucial online tool, strategy and technological service to learn especially in the world of advertising, promotion and marketing. People of all ages who will NEED the online worldshould learn Google Adwords or PPC.

9. SEO Divide – Believe it or not unless you can learn the art of Search Engine Optimization or Search Enterprise Optimization, how will people of all ages online understand keywords or writing content with keywords, even posting a TikTok video or Amazon listing for sale of your used items requires keywords. There will be a Digital Divide if young people or GEN Z, Millennials do not learn the art of SEO or keyword optimization.

10. Computer/Coding Divide – There is a huge tidal wave coming with Baby-boomers creating an aging population worldwide and within 10-30 years the Gen Z and Millennials will need to take most industries and work worldwide. This means the WWW, Computing, Engineering, Science, Artificial Intelligence, Mathematics, Law, Manufacturing, Whoelsale and all industires and innovation are in young innovative and educated hands. So what are some of the concerns around Computing, Engineering and Coding facing a Digital Divide worrying Microsoft, Google, Amazon and more.

11. Digital Skills Divide – Most or all of the above points to a Digital Skills and Digital Divide unless we can begin trainng teens, youth and kids from now worldwide. A Digital Skills shortage is already costing England, UK over 50 BILLION GBP per annum and could rise to 141 BILLION GBP.

12. Writing and Blogging Divide – Look what happened to journalism worldwide, talk to any journalist the way you write online and offline are NOT the same. Online headlines, tags, keywords and density rule more or equal to grammar, verbs or adjectives. There will be a Digital Divide if kids, teens and youth cannot read or write and video games, hip hop, social media selfies, twerking, gang lives and this ‘I think only of today‘ mentality erodes the minds of youth worldwide.

The above is no game and Digital Divide and Digital Skills Shortage worldwide could be worse than Covid-19 with rising slang-talk, video games, illiteracy, violence, poverty, social media idlers instead of educated, trained, innovative, creative youngsters of the world. Now is the time……decades do fly.

Paul Branson aka Infogurushop

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